Tire Services at Your Local Tire Works Shop in Sunrise Manor, NV

Tire Works offers the best prices along with the highest-quality customer service!

When you search for a tire shop near you, check first for your local Tire Works shop. Honesty, reliability, and expert service are the hallmarks of Tire Works, whether you need a simple flat repair or a new set of tires. 

Routine Tire Maintenance Is Our Specialty

Tire Works is known for being the best source for services and repairs in the area. Keeping your tires in good repair is at the top of the list at our Sunrise Manor auto repair location

Bring your vehicle in for a routine tire inspection to protect your family’s safety. Our ASE-certified tire specialists will:

  • Check the tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS)
  • Rotate the tires
  • Balance the wheels
  • Repair or replace the tires
  • Inspect wheel bearing
  • Check tread for unusual wear

Industry experts recommend regular tire maintenance every 5,000 miles. Problems can be detected early, saving you time and money later. Ask your Tire Works technician at your tire shop what they recommend, too, based on your driving habits. Sudden stops and starts, extremes of temperature in the area, and road conditions can affect tires. 

Check your tire’s warranty for more guidance on frequency of service. 

Should I Fix or Replace the Tire?

At some point, you will have to make a decision about replacing or fixing a tire. There are times when a tire can be safely repaired:

  • If the puncture is ¼ inch or less in diameter 
  • If it’s in the tire tread
  • If there are several punctures and they are 16 inches apart or less

However, a tire must be replaced if there is a separation in the tread, a puncture in the sidewall or if there is more than one puncture over a larger area of the tire. Tires with this kind of damage must be replaced. Your safety is too important to take a chance, so ask one of our tire experts to help you pick out a new tire. 

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Rely on Tire Works for Tire Replacement

Tires wear out over time and selecting a replacement is often overwhelming. Let your local Tire Works tire store help with the choice. We have an extensive selection of tires and we always offer the best prices around. You can choose from one of the leading brands and find just the right tire with the help of one of our tire experts. 

Our Concierge Service Can Save You Time

A flat tire can sideline your entire day. We know the value of your time, so take advantage of our free Concierge Service.

We will pick your car up (within 3 miles of our shop) and bring it in for servicing. Before returning it to you, we sanitize all contact points to make sure you and your family stay healthy and safe. 

Quality and convenience—you can have it all at Tire Works. Book your appointment online today.

Sunrise Manor Tire Shop FAQs

What is the purpose of rotating my tires?

As your tires are used, they will naturally begin to wear down and lose their tread depth and grip. Because the front of the vehicle typically houses more of the heavy components such as the engine, transmission, auto AC unit, and so on, the front tires have to consistently bear more weight than the back tires do. This additional weight causes the tread on the front tires to wear down more quickly. By visiting our tire shop to have your tires rotated periodically, you can increase the longevity of your tires and be sure that they will last as long as possible.

Here at Tire Works Total Car Care in Sunrise Manor, we can help you with your tire maintenance, tire repairs, or any of your other auto care needs. Book an appointment today and let our crew take care of you.

How often do I need to have my tires rotated?

When to have your tires rotated depends on the age of your tires. For new tires, we recommend having them rotated around 5,000 miles as their tread is the most vulnerable to wear and tear during that period. Older tires still need to be rotated incrementally and should be rotated about the same time you come in for your regular preventative maintenance.

Whether you are looking for a tire shop in Sunset Manor to help you maintain the health of your tires, need some great tire discounts, or just want to have your vehicle serviced by expert mechanics, Tire Works Total Car Care is your home for all your auto care. Bring your vehicle by today and make our Sunrise Manor auto shop your auto care destination.

When do I need to check my tire pressure?

Maintaining the proper pressure in the tires on your vehicle is extremely important to the functionality and dependability of your tires. We recommend checking your tire pressure at least once a month as the tire pressure can change rapidly due to the weather, road conditions, temperature, or over time. By ensuring that your tires are at the correct pressure, you can be sure that your tires are going to work at their peak ability and will help keep you safe while driving.

Why do I need to have my tires balanced?

The position of your tires within the wheel plays a major part in how well your tires perform and how long they will last before you need to visit the tire store. By balancing your tires, you can help keep the proper weight distribution on your tires and maintain your tread depth. Balancing your tires can also help your tires last as long as possible and avoid a tire repair or an unexpected flat tire due to uneven tread wear. Here at Tire Works Total Car Care in Sunset Manor, we recommend checking your tires regularly for uneven wear or tread depth loss.