Fuel Injection Cleaning Service in Las Vegas

Give your vehicle’s engine new life with a fuel injection service. The service helps to clean the deposits from the injectors, which will improve fuel efficiency and performance.

Signs You Need a Fuel Injection Cleaning Service

Vehicles in need of a fuel injection cleaning service can exhibit tell-tale signs such as:

  • Lowered gas mileage
  • Rough-running condition
  • Sluggishness on acceleration

If your vehicle is experiencing any of these signs, contact our Las Vegas auto repair shop today for an appointment.

How Your Fuel Injector Work 

Unless your vehicle is 100% electric, it’s got an internal combustion engine. That means that it runs on a series of small, controlled detonations inside the engine. There are three components necessary for an internal combustion engine to fire:

  • Fuel
  • Spark
  • Air

Fuel injectors spray a fine mist of gasoline into the combustion chamber, which is ignited by a spark from the spark plug. The subsequent combustion happens consistently and rapidly whenever your engine is on. In fact, a typical 4-stroke engine will undergo 1600 detonations per minute at 800 rpm.

These injectors have to do a great deal of work. Your fuel injectors can develop deposits and buildup over time, which can inhibit the fine mist of fuel that your vehicle requires. When this happens, combustion failures or inefficiencies result.

Improve your vehicle’s performance by requesting an appointment for a fuel injection service today.

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