How Can I Finance an Auto Repair?

Finance an Auto Repair

It’s happened to everyone: Your vehicle breaks down and your bank account can’t handle the cost of an unexpected car repair. At Tire Works, where we offer top-quality auto repair in Las Vegas, we understand that managing repair costs is often difficult to handle. Our customers are important to us, so we proudly partner with several financial providers who offer several options to pay for the auto repair you need. 

Tire Works VIP CFNA Credit Card

Many people hesitate to use credit, and the prospect of getting too far into debt is a valid concern. But whether it is due to having a shortage of funds or having credit cards without credit availability, it’s easy to be stressed about getting a car back on the road.  Some people are afraid of being rejected when applying for another credit card, or they don’t understand how a particular card works. Maybe they didn’t know an auto service shop could help with credit.

Our Auto Repair Credit Card Is a Smart Choice

The safety of your family is the top priority of any good auto mechanic. When you must invest in an unexpected repair or tire purchase, an auto repair credit card can help. It will keep your monthly payments at a manageable level and keep your other credit lines available. The financing terms are as easy as possible, too.

Most auto repair credit cards offer generous credit limits and they are among the easiest credit cards to obtain. Most have no annual fees and offer special financing options. All of these advantages limit the stress of needing four new tires or taking care of an extensive repair.

With an auto repair credit card in your wallet, you have the peace of mind of knowing you are always prepared for those unexpected repairs and purchases but also on routine maintenance. The vehicle that is cared for often will probably avoid those large, expensive costs later.

With the exclusive Tire Works VIP credit card, you have a line of credit for your car, plus these added benefits:

  • No annual fee
  • Financing with low monthly payments
  • Easy application process

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Goodyear Credit Card 

Car breakdowns seem to happen at the least convenient time possible. Most vehicle owners do their best to plan and budget responsibly, but not everything can be anticipated. As a remedy for this when the unexpected happens with a vehicle, Tire Works has partnered with Goodyear to offer a credit card with 6-month special financing.

Benefits of this card are:

  • Double rebates on select Goodyear Tire purchases
  • No annual fee
  • Low monthly payments
  • Easy application process
  • No interest if paid in full within 6 months* (*Subject to credit approval. Terms and conditions apply.)

A “no interest” loan like this can fill the void between when the repair is needed and when your budget can better handle it. Tire Works is glad to help!

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Tire Works Financing by Snap!

Maybe your credit score has suffered some hits lately. Or you don’t have any credit history yet at all. Getting that first creditor to take a chance on you can be difficult, so Snap! was created to help.

Snap Finance offers easy financing for customers with no credit or bad credit, and has up to an 80% approval rate. “No Credit Needed” considers more than just credit reports to determine the trustworthiness of applicants. Approval looks beyond bad credit, no credit, and bankruptcy to approve more applicants. 

Snap is great for financing tires or auto repairs—or other purchases—by providing a consumer lease that spreads your purchase over 12 months of easy payments.

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