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The modern automatic transmission is the most complicated mechanical component in today’s vehicle. The automatic transmission contains mechanical systems, hydraulic systems, electrical systems, and computer controls that work together to power the engine to drive the wheels. With so many parts working together, this can lead to your transmission needing special attention and the occasional service.

You can help prevent breakdowns with regular transmission maintenance every 30,000 miles. Schedule an appointment at your nearest Tire Works location for these transmission services and more: 

  • Check of your transmission fluid level
  • A complete transmission inspection
  • Transmission pan service
  • Transmission fluid exchange

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What Causes Transmissions to Overheat

Transmission maintenance leads to a longer vehicle life. Typically trouble with the transmission starts from overheating. Below, are some common factors that cause the transmission to overheat:

  • Stop-and-go traffic
  • Heavy pulling
  • Struggling in the snow
  • Hot weather
  • Racing

At higher temperatures the transmission fluid burns. Your vehicle loses lubrication and deposits inside the transmission increase. We recommend that you take your vehicle to a service technician as soon as you believe your vehicle is having transmission problems. Tire Works provides transmission service at several locations in the Las Vegas Valley.

automatic transmissionHow to Prevent Your Transmission from Damage

  • Check your parking space for leaks regularly. If you notice fluid deposits under your car, have one of our technicians inspect it right away. They will determine if you need a transmission service.
  • Check the transmission fluid levels and condition. Change it when necessary.
  • Make sure you use the correct transmission fluid as specified in your owner’s manual.
  • Make sure to stop your vehicle before shifting into reverse or park.
  • Always hold the brakes down when shifting from park.

Paying attention to your transmission will help increase the lifespan of your vehicle, save money on costly repairs, ensure smooth shifting, extend your transmission fluid’s life, and help prevent leaks.

When getting your vehicle serviced, explain any problems in as much detail as possible to our technicians. This will help us diagnose and prevent transmission issues efficiently and accurately.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The transmission plays a key role in any car engine. Basically, this component is responsible for taking the power your engine generates and converting it to torque—a force that allows objects like wheels to rotate along an axis or axle. Along with this, your transmission plays a role in disengaging your engine and letting it idle. Depending on your vehicle, you may have a manual, automatic, or hybrid transmission.

Transmission repair costs can be higher than the prices associated with repairs for some other car parts. However, it’s important not to ignore potential transmission problems. If you fix these issues before they become worse than they already are, you could save money in the long run.

Beyond the basic categories of manual and automatic transmissions, there are many types of transmission when you consider variations between models, engine sizes, and other factors. 

It may not seem important to your day-to-day driving, but it’s good to know just what type of transmission your vehicle has when you will need to have it serviced. You can check your owner’s manual, which is likely to have information on your transmission, or you can look inside your driver’s door: There should be a sticker with details such as engine specifications, including a “TR” symbol with a number. With that number, the technicians at Tire Works can tell you just what type of transmission you have, or we can use your vehicle identification number (VIN) to identify it.

No matter what type of transmission your vehicle has, there are a few signs that may point to transmission trouble. Keep a close eye out for issues such as these:

  • Problems engaging the transmission/staying in gear
  • Vehicle “slipping” while attempting to shift gears
  • Visible transmission fluid leaks under car
  • A burning odor
  • Unusual noises that sound like humming or grinding

If you notice any of these transmission warning signs, schedule an appointment with our transmission experts as soon as possible.

Yes, but we don’t recommend it. No matter how reliable your guide for performing this task is, it won’t match up to the depth of knowledge and experience of professional mechanics at a reputable transmission shop. To avoid accidentally causing more problems for your vehicle, take it to your nearest Tire Works location for transmission service instead.

There are plenty of Las Vegas transmission shops to choose from, but a focus on a few crucial factors can make your choice easier. For example, even if you’re normally a bargain hunter, you’ll want to balance low prices with quality workmanship for a job as important as transmission service.

When you’re looking for a transmission shop to work on your transmission, something you’ll need to consider is the skill level of a shop’s employees. The technicians at Tire Works are ASE-certified, so you know your vehicle will be in good, experienced hands.

At Tire Works, we’re proud to offer all the transmission services people living in or near Las Vegas could ever need—up to and including complete transmission overhauls. If you need only minor transmission repair or a transmission flush, we can also help you with that. 

Regardless of your needs, you’ll benefit from our team’s commitment to customer service and attention to detail. The transmission is among the most complicated parts of your vehicle, so it pays to choose a shop with experienced technicians when you’re looking for transmission-related services.

Transmission fluid is vital to the operation of your transmission since it helps to lubricate this system. In many vehicles, this fluid needs to be changed every so often. You can expect fluid changes to be a necessity after driving anywhere from 60,000 to 100,000 miles for cars with automatic transmissions. Manual transmissions generally need fluid changes well before this mark. 

Despite this, some vehicles have been designed so that they never need to have their fluid flushed. The team at Tire Works can quickly determine if and when your transmission fluid needs to be flushed or changed.

These services are similar but not the same. With a transmission fluid change, your fluid is manually drained. Then, we replace your filter and replace about half of the fluid in your transmission, with the other half consisting of old fluid.

A transmission flush involves the mechanical removal of all your transmission fluid before it is completely replaced with new fluid. This service also includes transmission filter replacement.

That depends on the type of transmission your vehicle uses. Cars with automatic transmissions should come with a dipstick specifically for this purpose. Just make sure your vehicle is parked and running on an even surface when you check your transmission fluid.

Transmission dipsticks are not standard on cars with manual transmissions. If your manual transmission does not have a dipstick for transmission fluid, the technicians at Tire Works can check these fluid levels for you and take action if needed.

In addition to our work on transmissions, Tire Works is a full-service tire and auto shop. If you’re in the Las Vegas area and in need of services such as tire repair, AC repair, oil changes, or general maintenance, just get in touch.

We can’t say precisely how much these services will cost without evaluating your vehicle and the services it may need. Your expenses can vary based on anything from the current state of your transmission to the work that needs to be done.

When you set up an appointment with Tire Works, you won’t be left guessing about these expenses. We provide detailed, zero-obligation quotes for our services before any work begins.

Some transmission-related services are more expensive than others, but these services tend to be on the pricier side. With that in mind, Tire Works offers many different coupons for transmission service and other auto repairs. 

Best of all, you won’t need to worry about which Tire Works transmission shop you choose when you plan to use coupons. All of the coupons listed on our site are accepted at all of our locations.

We have many different locations for people who need transmission repair services in Nevada. This page can help you find your nearest Tire Works store.

Scheduling a Tire Works appointment is simple. You can set up your next appointment online—just click the store closest to you on the map and fill out the form to get started. As soon as you do, we’ll get in touch!

Transmission Repair in Las Vegas, NV
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