Car Maintenance Service in Las Vegas

Ensure maximum miles without major breakdowns with routine car maintenance service. We recommend car check-ups at 30,000, 60,000, and 90,000 miles. Scheduled maintenance allows us to do a point-by-point vehicle inspection, tune-up (spark plugs, filters, etc.), oil change, and transmission maintenance. Depending on your miles and the vehicle, we may change belts, re-time your vehicle, and test the battery.

The cost for car maintenance service varies per vehicle and it will depend on the type of inspection.

To inquire about our car maintenance service, call us for specific vehicle service information and pricing.

What is Preventative Maintenance?

Preventative maintenance helps keep small issues from becoming larger problems. The mechanics of a vehicle involve hundreds of interconnected components. When one component fails, this can have a domino effect on nearby or connected parts. So what could have been a small bit of maintenance on one component suddenly turns into full replacement of several, which can be quite costly depending upon which system in your car is involved.

Top Car Maintenance Services in Las Vegas, NV

These are some of the most important preventative maintenance services to have performed:

  1. Changing out engine oil and oil filters every 3,000 miles. The distance will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, so be sure to check your owner’s manual. Oil changes are one of the most inexpensive auto maintenance services you can do, but are also one of the most vital. Dirty oil and a dirty filter can wreak havoc on your car’s engine, including up to complete engine failure. 
  2. Tire balancing and wheel alignment. Ensuring that your tires are inflated properly and balanced and that you’re up-to-date on your wheel alignments will greatly extend the life of your vehicle’s tires. Tires are a large investment and these simple and inexpensive tire and wheel maintenance tasks will maximize the value received. As well, properly-maintained tires will provide better handling and increased gas mileage.
  3. Checking and adjusting fluid levels. In a hot, arid environment like Las Vegas, all fluid levels should be kept at the appropriate levels, as specified by the manufacturer. Your vehicle has several vital fluids that each provide crucial functions. Fluids our expert techs measure include the engine coolant, steering, brake, and transmission fluids, and even battery water and windshield washer fluid. 
  4. Replace car air and fuel filters. Clogged and dirty air filters make your engine work harder to get air through. With fuel filters too, as they get dirtier, they are less effective and therefore cause more wear and tear on your engine’s components. Las Vegas has a dusty climate, which makes checking and replacing air filters regularly a crucial task that should be done each time car maintenance is required.
  5. Lubricating the chassis. Even when a ball joint or tie rod is sealed, all of your vehicle’s chassis should be checked during a maintenance visit. Some joints should be greased and the boots always warrant inspection to ensure they’re doing their job of keeping dirt, debris, and moisture out.
  6. Checking belts and hoses. Our technicians are highly-trained pros who would never, ever let a customer drive off after a service visit without checking all the belts and hoses. That’s because a failure here will almost always disable the vehicle. Not a fun thought when sitting in rush hour on I-15! Belts and hoses will invariably need replacing because the rubber deteriorates over time. Our technicians look over these components carefully for any cracked or frayed segments. 

These maintenance tasks are included on a long list of other vehicle maintenance tasks that our technicians perform each and every time we provide car maintenance service to customers.

When to Get a Vehicle Inspection

It’s always recommended to get on a schedule for car maintenance that is set either by time-elapsed or distance traveled between service appointments. As the driver of your vehicle, you can often tell when something is not quite right. If you’re hearing excess engine noise, feeling a vibration that’s not normal, or hearing any squealing, these can all be signs that it’s time to get your vehicle in to be checked out by a qualified maintenance technician.

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When you’re ready for expert auto repair and preventative maintenance on your car or truck, book your appointment online at your nearest Tire Works Total Car Care center. Our factory-trained automotive repair mechanics will ensure your vehicle’s regular maintenance is performed professionally and in a timely manner. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are several easy DIY car maintenance tasks that you can undertake including checking your tire’s air pressure, keeping your windshield wiper fluid filled, and changing wiper blades. While an oil change isn’t overly complicated, you then have to deal with recycling the oil and some really dirty hands. Our technicians are trained in exactly what needs to be done to ensure your vehicle’s maintenance service is done properly.

We really work hard to delight our customers with great service and great prices. That’s why we frequently post deals and coupons on our most popular preventative maintenance services. Be sure to check in regularly as these change often.

Tire maintenance will always involve checking the tire’s air pressure and for signs of any uneven or excessive tread wear. A quick measurement of the tire tread can help pinpoint when it’s necessary to replace tires. Our trained technicians will also look at the wheel alignment to make sure the tires are all running parallel to one another and perpendicular to the ground. While the tires are off is also a good chance to check out the vehicle’s brakes and perform any necessary maintenance. 

Absolutely. Any number of different maintenance tasks help to improve your fuel economy. For example, an underinflated tire can really rob you of a lot of your fuel efficiency but clogged fuel and air filters will also degrade performance. By having your maintenance performed by the trained auto experts at Tire Works Total Car Care, you can be sure all necessary maintenance tasks are being done correctly and to the manufacturer’s specifications for your vehicle.

Transmission fluid, coolant fluid, brake fluid, power steering fluid, battery water, and washer fluid will all be checked and replaced as necessary with a quality car maintenance service visit.

For the best possible positive effects on your vehicle, you should look to change your oil every 3,000 miles. This helps ensure the oil isn’t degrading to the point where it’s causing excessive wear and tear. Dirty oil filters can circulate dirt and debris through your vehicle’s sensitive components and lead to much costlier repairs down the road.

Tire rotations are a great time to check your brake pads and brake system for the ease of access. With a tire rotation being required generally every 6 months, you can be sure to have your braking system checked as well and knock out two critical tasks in the same visit. As much as we love seeing our customers, we’d rather save you several trips by taking care of necessary preventative maintenance like brake checks at the same time we’re checking all of the vehicle’s major components.

The idea that dealerships are the best source for preventative maintenance service on your vehicle is a myth. Tire Works Total Car Care can perform comprehensive service on your vehicle and you won’t void your warranty if you bring your car or truck to us.

Car Maintenance Service in Las Vegas
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