Las Vegas Mechanic: Questions You Should Ask at Your Next Auto Repair

Las Vegas Mechanic

When you need auto repair in Las Vegas, you have plenty of choices. Before you trust your car repair to an auto mechanic, however, it helps to know what you should ask to make sure that your vehicle is in good, experienced hands.

The ASE-certified auto mechanics at Tire Works Total Car Care offer the following suggestions to help you choose the best auto mechanic for your needs.

The Basics

If an auto repair shop is new to you, start with some basic questions:

  1. What is your experience with this make and model of car?
  2. Can you tell me the mechanical condition of my car at this time?
  3. Are there small repairs you would recommend now?
  4. What maintenance schedule can you recommend for this car in order to keep it in working order as long as possible?
  5. What certifications do you have? 

This information will give both of you a foundation to start from. Your conversation will tell the mechanic how long you plan on keeping the car and how committed you are to maintaining it properly. You in turn will learn more about the mechanic’s history with your make and model and what might be coming up next as far as repairs are concerned. 

Real-Time Repair Questions

Once you get your basic questions answered, you will know who to call when your car needs immediate attention. The day your car fails and you have no idea why is when that relationship with a trustworthy auto shop will pay off. Here are some questions to ask, either for the first time or as a reminder of their policies:

How Do I Get My Car to Your Shop?

It’s a dilemma sometimes. Your car is not running and your road service (if you have one) says it will be a long time before they can get to you. Call Tire Works in Las Vegas and ask for our Concierge Service. We will pick up your vehicle if it’s within three miles of one of our many locations throughout Nevada.

Will I Get a Written Estimate?

Yes! We will diagnose the problem and generate an estimate. Ask how much of the estimate covers parts and how much is labor. It’s best to know ahead of time so you won’t be surprised later. 

What Is The Policy on Used Parts vs. New Parts For Repairs?

You need to know this ahead of time. Have the service staff make it clear if the mechanics routinely install used parts. The answer should be “never” unless your permission is gotten before the parts are installed. Sometimes expensive repairs using refurbished parts like transmissions or engines may save you some money, but only after you give your okay. The technicians at Tire Works will make sure you know just what to expect when it comes to the parts you’ll need to get back on the road.

What Documentation Will I Get After the Repairs Are Completed?

A written record of repairs is important in several situations: Warranty claims, holding the mechanic and shop accountable for their work, and to pass on to subsequent owners if needed.  Tire Works provides all the documentation you need for your records.

Which Warranties Apply With Labor and Parts?

You don’t like to think about a problem with your repair after you drive away, but you need to know what will happen if it does. Make sure you understand the warranties on parts and labor before work begins.

Schedule an appointment with Tire Works today.

Trust all your auto repair in Las Vegas to an ASE-certified auto mechanic at Tire Works Total Car Care! Our mechanics are professionals with extensive experience and expertise to work on any car repair from a simple flat tire repair to complicated transmission issues. 

Plus, Tire Works prides itself on extraordinary customer service. We understand that a car mechanic often meets a customer under less than positive circumstances. We want to ease the situation as much as we can and provide high-quality repair work at fair and reasonable prices. Make sure to check our coupons page for great deals on your next service.

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