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Always Stop With Confidence

When you press down on the brake pedal, you want the assurance that your vehicle is going to come to a firm stop. Unfortunately, without staying on top of your brake maintenance, your system may already be in jeopardy, and you simply aren’t aware. The good news is that at our Fort Mohave auto shop, we feature a full-service brake repair center for all of your vehicle’s brake-related needs. Whether you're due for brake pad replacement or need other brake services, our experts can get the job done right the first time. 

We feature a team of ASE-certified mechanics who use high-quality replacement parts, and we feature fantastic brake service and auto repair coupons that allow you to save money while receiving quality service. Let's explore some of the common symptoms that indicate you need brake repair, and be sure to schedule an appointment at Tire Works for quality service and repair in Fort Mohave, AZ.

Common Signs You Need Brake Repair Services

“Do I need brake pad replacement or brake repair services?” This is a common question that drivers often ask themselves when they step on the brakes, and their brakes begin to squeak. Thankfully, there are a few ways to tell whether you simply need brake pad replacement services or if your vehicle needs brake repair:

Squeaking Brakes

If your brakes squeak when you press down on the brake pedal, this is often the first sign that your brake pads are low. Brake pads are built with metal wear bars deep within their structure that become exposed when your pads wear too low. Once these metal bars come into contact with your rotor, they emit a squeaking noise to notify you that your brake pads are wearing thin. This is often the first sign that your vehicle requires brake pad replacement services.

Grinding Brakes

If your brakes are making a grinding noise, this is never a normal sign. Grinding noises from your brakes imply that metal is making contact with metal. This noise is a clear indication that something is amiss in your brake system. If you hear grinding noises when you attempt to stop, we recommend that you schedule an appointment with our facility at your earliest convenience.

Brake Vibrations

Vibrations when stopping are often a sign that your brake rotors have warped. Because braking generates immense friction, your brake rotors can get quite hot. Your rotors are disc-like metal structures that your brake pads clamp onto to bring your vehicle to a stop. Once the rotors have warped, your brake pads no longer have a smooth surface to clamp onto. This translates to feelings of vibration when you step on the brake pedal.

Brake Pedal Feedback

If your brake pedal feels abnormal when you press down or perhaps goes all the way to the floor, and you feel little to no feedback from your brakes, this can be a sign that there may be a problem with your master cylinder — perhaps you even have air in your brake lines. If this happens, we recommend transporting or towing your vehicle to our facility at your earliest convenience. 

Don’t Forget Your Necessary Brake Services

Problems with your brake system can be scary, especially because having the ability to stop reliably is a vital safety concern. However, the good news is that the need for brake repair services can be minimized with routine brake maintenance. Your owner's manual will specify your specific make and model brake-related needs. However, here are the average service intervals for various components of your brake system: 

  • Brake pad replacement every 15,000-65,000 miles
  • Brake rotor replacement every 50,000-80,000 miles
  • Brake fluid flush every two years or every 30,000 miles

Maintain Your Vehicle’s Brake in Fort Mohave, AZ

At Tire Works, quality brake repair in Fort Mohave, AZ, is just a click or phone call away. Our auto mechanics are ASE-certified and use the highest-quality replacement parts and fluids to ensure that your vehicle always performs its best. We even encourage you to take advantage of our special offers that allow you to save money while enjoying quality service. 

Whether you need a simple replacement service or are trusting our brake shop for diagnosis and brake repair, you've come to the right place. 

Schedule an appointment at Tire Works today and maintain your vehicle's intended stopping power with quality brake services in Fort Mohave, AZ.