Other Car Repair Services in Las Vegas

Tire Works offers complete car care for drivers in the Las Vegas Valley. In addition to the primary auto services we provide, we also offer the following:

It would be nearly impossible for us to list all our services. Give us a call if you don’t see the specific auto service you’re looking for listed on our website. If we can’t help you, we’ll direct you to the right place.

Proudly Serving the Following Locations:

Belts and Hoses

One of the most common auto repair services we provide is to inspect and replace the various belts and hoses in your vehicle. Within your vehicle, many different belts and hoses run throughout the various systems. Because these rubber components are used in extreme temperatures and exposed to incredibly high friction, they have a relatively short lifespan.

Over time, your car’s belts and hoses will develop cracks, dry out, or snap from the friction. When a Tire Works Total Car Care auto mechanic checks your vehicle’s belts and hoses, they’ll look for any signs of failure. We perform a thorough inspection to help keep everything running smoothly and correctly.

CV Joint and Axles Replacement

If your vehicle’s CV joint and drive axle are damaged or worn out, it can cause a clicking or scraping noise while driving (particularly while making tight turns). With something this important, it’s vital to have expert hands on the replacement or car repair. Our team of ASE-Certified mechanics have years of experience and is well equipped to handle any CV or axle replacement.

As the connection point between the wheels, the axles play a significant role in the structure of your vehicle. When either the CV axle or drive axle breaks or needs repairs, it can be a highly involved process for an auto mechanic. Fortunately, the crew here has the skills to handle a challenging car repair like an axle replacement. You can trust our team with even the most challenging auto services.

Differential Fluid Change

Just like the engine oil or transmission fluid in your vehicle, the differential fluid lubricates the differential gearbox. Like any other lubrication agent, it will break down over time and with use. As the differential fluid loses its effectiveness, it could lead to your car’s differential gears wearing down and having less reliability.

A car repair involving the differential gearbox can be extensive, depending on the severity of the damage. However, replacing the differential fluid is a much more cost-effective and budget-friendly solution. At all our locations, an ASE-Certified car mechanic can replace the differential fluid and keep your vehicle’s gears working for as long as possible.

Exhaust System Repair

Your vehicle’s exhaust system is a complicated network of pipes, the muffler, and other components that all work to remove engine smoke and fumes. When there’s a blockage or obstruction in the exhaust system, the fumes have no escape route from the engine, which can cause major problems.

The exhaust system has several different components that sometimes require the attention of an auto mechanic. Whether it’s the catalytic converter, the muffler, or the exhaust manifold, our crew can diagnose the issue and have it repaired in no time. When you need exhaust system repair, think Tire Works Total Car Care.

Front-End Repair

Nothing can ruin your day like a fender bender or a front-end crash. With decades of experience, we have handled countless front-end repairs and gotten folks up and running again after an accident. When we perform an auto service such as a front-end repair, we take the time to do things the right way. While we work with urgency, you can rest assured that we don’t cut corners on your car’s front-end repair.

After a car accident, a whole host of different problems can arise. Whether it’s a cosmetic repair or something more serious, our team will assess and advise on any repairs your vehicle may need. After an accident, you have enough to worry about, so let our team take care of your car repair needs.

Fuel Injector Service

The fuel injector system plays a critical part in your car’s combustion engine. As the fuel injectors control the fuel measure and the time it’s released into the combustion chamber, they can become clogged and lose their flow. If the injectors pour less fuel into the engine, it can cause poor performance, delayed acceleration, or failure to increase speed.

Cleaning the fuel injector system is a simple way an auto mechanic can give your car’s engine a boost and increase its performance. Performing this service increases the engine’s performance and helps prevent a more costly car repair in the future. You can think of fuel injector service as a healthy dose of vitamin C for your engine. It helps it stay healthy and function properly. A Tire Works Total Car Care auto mechanic will get your car’s engine clean and happy with fuel injector service.

Headlight Restoration Service

Over time, your car’s headlights will dim or get cloudy due to plastic oxidizing from the sun. Also, as you drive, the headlights collect dirt, dust, and other pollutants on the road and get cloudy. If you start noticing that your vehicle’s headlights aren’t shining as brightly as they used to, or you’re having trouble seeing at night, it may be time for a headlight restoration service.

As a full-service car mechanic, Tire Works Total Car Care can remove the film that builds up on the headlights through a series of cleaning agents, sanding, and polishing, leaving your car’s headlights bright and shiny once again.

Car & Truck Lift, Lower, and Leveling Kits

A lift kit on your vehicle can add stability while driving and increase the car’s or truck’s aesthetic value. Because the suspension system is mainly responsible for the smoothness of the ride, adding a lift kit can help your off-road driving feel smoother and allow your vehicle to handle better in more intense driving situations.

Several components can be altered while getting a lift kit installed. When a car mechanic installs a lift kit, everything from the shocks to the suspension is affected. Because the installation process is complex, it requires special skills and tools to complete. The Tire Works Total Car Care team has all the necessary equipment to install a lift, leveling, and lowering kit. Our crew can successfully navigate the ins and outs of the suspension system to install kits or perform any auto repair your vehicle may need.

Transmission Repair & Replacement

One of the scariest things you can hear about car repair is that your car’s transmission needs repair. Because the transmission is such a complicated yet vital system, it’s typically a more extensive auto repair. While several things could go wrong in the transmission system, the Tire Works Total Car Care crew is up to any challenging repair.

Each of our ASE-Certified mechanics is highly trained and skilled to work on a transmission issue or any other car repair you may need. Our transmission services include the following:

  • Inspection: If something doesn’t feel right with the transmission, a Tire Works Total Car Care auto mechanic can check it out and recommend any service it may need.
  • Repairs: If something is damaged or needs repair in the transmission, we can repair or replace the broken component.
  • Transmission flush: Fortunately, not all transmission issues need to be a costly car repair. A car mechanic can rejuvenate the transmission and remove the worn-out fluid by flushing and replacing the transmission fluid. This type of repair is much more budget friendly than a transmission repair or replacement.

You want an expert car mechanic servicing your vehicle with a system as essential as the transmission. The crew at Tire Works Total Car Care has the expertise and experience to make your car’s transmission repair as painless as possible.

Windshield Wiper Installation

When it’s challenging to see through the rain, it may be time to replace your vehicle’s windshield wipers. The blades on the wipers use a rubber squeegee-like edge to clear rain, snow, and fog off the windshield. Over time, these edges will wear thin and become less effective. You may notice streaks or spots where the wipers fail to remove the water from the windshield.

If you need new windshield wiper blades, a Tire Works Total Car Care mechanic can install a set in no time. You could even do this when you come in for a regular oil change. We make it easy and convenient to get any car repair you need.

Custom Accessories

Sometimes, you want to add something unique to make your car or truck stand out. Whether it’s custom lights, spinners, dash cams, or another aftermarket addition, our team can help you install it. Our team is highly skilled in your vehicle’s systems and is able and willing to help with whatever custom accessories you may want.

Window Tinting: The desert sun can be brutal throughout the Las Vegas area. With temperatures soaring, everything you can do to keep your car cool is worth it. While some vehicles come with tinted windows, most will be untinted. In our experience, untinted windows and the Nevada sun don’t make a great combination. We offer window tinting at all our locations to help keep your vehicle shaded and as cool as possible.

Nitrogen Fill

Stop by Tire Works Total Car Care if you have a professional race car or performance vehicle and need a nitrogen fill. We’ll make sure your car’s tires are at the perfect levels specified by the manufacturer.

National Accounts

If you have a large fleet of vehicles that need maintenance, tune-ups, or servicing, the Tire Works Total Car Care team is here to help. We cover a wide range of fleet services to keep every vehicle for your business up and running.

The best part about our national accounts is that we make our service as convenient and affordable as possible. With our crew taking care of your fleet services, you don’t have to worry about a thing.

For more information on commercial and national accounts, please contact our team.

The Tire Works Difference

When you choose Tire Works Total Car Care for your auto repair in Las Vegas you can rest easy knowing that you’re being served by the best of the best. Our auto mechanics are all ASE-certified, which means they’ve developed the skill and knowledge to perform every car repair.

Our goal is to service your vehicle to the best of our ability and provide a world-class customer experience. We love to take care of our customers and save them time and money when they need auto repair services. With loads of promotions and numerous locations, you can always have access to a trustworthy car mechanic.

If you’re experiencing any issues with your vehicle, Tire Works Total Car Care is here to help. Contact us today to schedule an appointment or get in touch with our customer service team.

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