Differential Fluid Service in Las Vegas

As with any type of well-used lubricating fluid, differential oil breaks down over time and attracts wear materials and contaminants, which can accelerate the wear of the components prematurely.

Worn differential gears often necessitate a costly repair. Your vehicle’s manufacturer recommends a differential fluid service at specific intervals. Recommendations for the service depend on what type of vehicle you drive. At our Tire Works auto repair shops, our differential fluid service includes draining the gearbox and replacing the old fluid with fresh, clean fluid per your manufacturer’s specifications.

How the Differential Gearbox Works

Your vehicle’s differential is a gearbox located between the wheels on your vehicle – specifically, the drive wheels that do the work in moving the vehicle forward. When you turn your vehicle to the left, the left-hand side wheels move slower than the right-hand side wheels. Complex gears inside of the differential work together to allow for this difference in wheel speed to allow smooth traction rather than the scuffing that would occur if the axle was solid.

Therefore, the components in the differential do a lot of work. The fluid inside, like all lubricating fluid, helps to transfer heat from the components and helps to keep your gearbox components working well for longer.

Keep your vehicle healthy with a differential fluid service. Contact Tire Works today for an appointment.

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Differential Fluid Service in Las Vegas
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