Steering Services in Las Vegas

Your vehicle’s steering components impact a lot more than the direction your vehicle travels on the road. They also ensure that you and your passengers have a smooth and comfortable ride. To keep your vehicle in optimal condition, it’s important to have maintenance performed on your steering system.

Why Steering Services Are Needed

The steering system is a combination of several components like the steering rack (or box), tie rods, and more. Over time, these frequently used components begin to wear and develop “play”, which is when the components don’t fit together or move as tightly as they did on their first day of existence. This “play” will naturally cause misalignment where the steering angles of the vehicle no longer fall within the specifications set by the manufacturer. When that is the case, we recommend replacing the failing parts and re-aligning the vehicle.

Schedule An Inspection Today

Our Vegas auto repair shops provide inspections for the steering system at all 15 locations. During our inspections, a certified expert can check your front-end and steering components for excessive wear and play. After the inspection, our technicians will let you know if your vehicle needs a steering service or repair. See our locations page to set an appointment.

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Steering Services in Las Vegas
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