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Are you looking for a Las Vegas mechanic that you can trust for all of your auto repair needs? Visit the expert ASE-certified mechanics at Tire Works Total Car Care!

Our dedicated service team will take care of your needs with a level of professionalism seldom found in the auto repair service industry! Plus, our safety record is second to none in the business. Drivers throughout the Las Vegas area know they can depend on the expertise of our ASE-Certified mechanics and superior customer service.

Performance tuning, minor or major auto repairs, and routine maintenance services are only a few of the extensive list of auto repair services that we offer.

The Las Vegas Auto Repair Shop You Can Count On

When it comes to your vehicle, you want to know that you’ve got professionals working on it. The ASE-certified mechanics at our Las Vegas auto shops are factory-trained, so you can be confident that you’re receiving top-quality service from experienced auto care professionals.

We understand that less-than-positive circumstances may have brought you into our shop when you need an auto repair. So, we want to ease the situation as much as possible and provide high-quality service at the most reasonable prices you’ll find in the Las Vegas area. Your mechanic will work to build a high level of trust with you and aim to exceed your auto service expectations.

Everything Your Vehicle Needs to Run Its Best

Tire Works Total Car Care is more than just a tire shop. We are your one-stop auto repair shop, offering a full range of car repair and maintenance services to keep every system in your vehicle running great.

Whether you just need a regular oil change or an in-depth engine repair, we’ve got you covered! We’re your number-one source for auto repair in Las Vegas. Our services include:

Brake Repair

Some car repair services can be temporarily put off until a more convenient time. Brake repair is not one of those situations. In order to properly stop your vehicle when you press the brake, the pads,Car Break Disc rotors, drums, and shoes must all be in top condition. A serious crash can occur if any of those parts are not in optimal condition and your stopping power is significantly reduced.

If you are hearing grinding noises, your brake pedal feels “spongy,” the vehicle veers to one side when braking or the brake warning light is illuminated on the dashboard, bring your vehicle to Tire Works right away for an expert diagnosis and the necessary brake repair.

Engine Repair

If your check engine light is on, your engine isn’t running quite like it was before, or it’s time for an engine tune-up, the mechanics at Tire Works Total Car Care can take care of it. Our mechanics can diagnose any issues that may be present and provide the necessary engine repair to get your vehicle running optimally again.

Don’t ignore your check engine light! Continuing to drive with it on could cause a small issue to turn into serious problems in your engine, leading to much more expensive repairs down the road.

Transmission Repair

Automatic transmissions in today’s cars, trucks, and SUVs are the most complicated mechanical components in the vehicle. The transmission contains mechanical systems, electric systems, hydraulic systems, and sensitive computer controls that all work together to use engine power to drive the wheels. With so many moving parts, this can sometimes lead to your transmission needing a repair or fluid flush.

Whether your vehicle has an automatic transmission, a manual transmission, or even a continuously variable transmission (CVT), our expert mechanics can meet your auto care needs.

Radiator Repair

Your vehicle’s radiator plays a critical role in eliminating excess heat from your engine. When your radiator is not working properly, your engine can quickly start to overheat. Not only will this impair vehicle performance, but it can cause major damage to the engine. A small leak in your radiator can turn a slightly messy situation into a need for major repair if left unattended for too long.

If you suspect that your radiator is not working properly or is damaged, bring your vehicle to your closest Tire Works location. Our mechanics can perform radiator repair services at each of our auto repair shop locations in the Las Vegas area.

Water Pump Repair & Replacement

The main job of your vehicle’s coolant system is to dissipate excess heat from the engine and sensitive drive components, preventing heat-related damage to these critical parts. The water pump is what would be considered the “heart” of the cooling system. However, like anything else, water pumps rarely last forever. When they fail, it can cause your engine to overheat, leading to significant damage that is very expensive to repair.

If you think you may have a coolant leak or your vehicle is overheating, bring your vehicle to Tire Works Total Car Care. Whether your water pump needs to be repaired or replaced, our mechanics can perform the necessary service and get you back on the road.

Cooling System Service

Our skilled auto mechanics know how important it is to ensure each component of your vehicle’s cooling system is working properly. That is why we highly recommend you come in for a seven-point cooling system inspection at least every two years. Then we can determine if any maintenance or repairs are needed to ensure that the system is properly eliminating excess heat.

In addition to offering inspections and repair services, our ASE-certified mechanics can also perform a coolant system flush when needed. In general, most vehicles need this coolant service every 30,000 miles or 5 years, whichever comes first.

(Specific fluid flush timelines vary by vehicle; check your vehicle’s owner’s manual for specific guidelines.)

Power Steering Service

Your vehicle’s hydraulic power steering system helps steer it with much less force than older non-power systems, especially at low speeds. Without the power steering system found in newer vehicles, it would be very difficult to make a turn thanks to today’s high-traction tires. Using hydraulic fluid that is pumped through the lines of the system, the steering components, which include the rack and pinion or gearbox, turn the wheels. Every time you turn the steering wheel, these components are working.

Over time and usage, the power steering fluid can accumulate deposits, bits of metal, and other contaminants. That is why we recommend a power steering fluid flush, in which the old fluid is replaced with clean power steering fluid. This service is recommended every 50,000–75,000 miles, depending on the vehicle.

Whether you need a fluid flush or repair of power steering components, our expert car mechanics can take care of it!

Auto A/C System Service & Repair

When you need auto A/C repair and service, the factory-trained professionals at Tire Works Total Car Care can help. We understand all aspects of a vehicle’s air conditioning system, from theCar A/C Control modern computerized components to the proper disposal of used fluids. The A/C systems in today’s vehicles are fairly complex, and new improvements are being made frequently. That’s why you should trust the professionals when you need A/C service and repair. We’re your local qualified source for everything related to your vehicle’s air conditioning system.

Without regular maintenance, your vehicle’s A/C system will lose about five percent of its original efficiency each year. So, don’t wait until there’s a problem and the A/C starts to blow warm air. Keep your system in top condition with service from the vehicle A/C professionals at Tire Works Total Car Care.

CV Joint, Axle, & Boot Repair & Replacement

Your vehicle’s axles connect each pair of wheels together, in the front and back, and act as a central shaft, maintaining the wheels’ position relative to each other and to the vehicle’s body. Then, the CV joints are found at the ends of each drive shaft and are protected with rubber or plastic boots. All of these load-bearing components connect the wheels to each other and connect the transmission to the wheels.

Because of their location and function, sometimes the boots and joints wear out over time, or the axle becomes damaged. When it comes to these parts, you can count on our knowledgeable, professional team to make sure your vehicle is safe to drive and carry your family around. Our mechanics will thoroughly inspect your vehicle’s axles, CV joints, and boots and perform the necessary repair or replacement if needed.

Belt & Hose Replacement

Out of all the equipment and components in your vehicle, the belts and hoses last the shortest amount of time. Though they are vital to proper system operations, these components can crack, fray, or start to leak due to their constant exposure to vibration, heat, and chemicals. If they are not promptly replaced when needed, it could significantly impact your vehicle’s performance and sometimes cause much bigger, more costly problems.

Belt and hose inspections based on their appearance alone is not enough. At Tire Works Total Car Care, you can count on our diligence to ensure nothing important is missed. We’ll thoroughly inspect your vehicle’s belts and hoses, and our ASE-certified mechanics will let you know if any need to be replaced.

Front-End Repair

If you have recently been in an accident and your vehicle has been damaged, bring it into Tire Works Total Car Care today. Not only do we specialize in vehicle maintenance and common auto repair needs but we are also front-end collision experts. Our auto mechanics will use the latest in collision repair technology to repair any damage.

From minor dents, scratches, or cosmetic flaws to major structural or mechanical problems, we can restore your vehicle to its normal condition and get you back on the road.

Schedule an appointment at the Las Vegas location nearest you today!

Expert Car Diagnostic Service to Pinpoint the Problem

Is your check engine light on but you’re not exactly sure what the problem is? Give us a call, we’re here to help!

When you bring your vehicle in, our car mechanics will hook up a professional diagnostic scanner to your vehicle’s onboard computer diagnostic system. This will show the repair codes that have initiated the check engine light to come on and, along with their individual expertise, your mechanics can then zero in on exactly what the issue is and what repairs are needed to get you back on the road safely and reliably.

Signs That You May Need Auto Repair Service

Knowing what to look for when things are not running quite right on your vehicle can help prevent a small issue from turning into a much bigger, expensive problem.

Here are some red flags that can indicate a problem with your car, truck, or SUV:

  • Strange sounds coming from the engine or wheels
  • Unusual or odd smells within the cabin or coming from the engine
  • A change in how the car performs when starting the engine, driving, accelerating, braking, or turning
  • A sudden decrease in the vehicle’s fuel mileage
  • Fluid leaking from under the vehicle (that is not water)

If you notice any of these things happening with your vehicle, bring it to your closest Tire Works location as soon as you can. Our auto mechanics can quickly determine what the issue may be and perform the necessary services to have your vehicle running optimally again.

Get a Free, No-Obligation Auto Repair Estimate

You should always have a clear understanding of exactly how much you’ll pay for car repair work before it starts. That is why at Tire Works Total Car Care, there won’t be any surprises when it comes time to pay. Before we start on your vehicle, you’ll get a detailed estimate of the services needed with no hidden costs or fees. Call us or request a car repair quote online today to get a good idea of what your vehicle’s auto repair costs will be.

Free Concierge Pick-up and Drop-off Service

We want to make the auto repair process as easy and convenient as possible for our customers. That is why we offer our free concierge service, the Tire Works Delivery Program. We’ll be happy to pick up your vehicle from anywhere within three miles of Tire Works and return it to you when your service is done, at no cost to you.

You Can Still Get Great Service at a Great Price

At Tire Works, we strive to provide the best service at the best prices. That’s why you can always find money-saving coupons and special deals on our website for maintenance and auto repair services. Either print the coupons out or show them on your phone when you come in.

Check our coupons page often for special sales and promotions on brake repair, fuel system service, engine repair, and more!

Your Las Vegas Fleet Repair Experts

The Fleet Service and Repair Programs here at Tire Works Total Car Care will keep your fleet of service vehicles in top condition to do their job. Our team serves fleet maintenance companies, large commercial accounts, and private accounts.

We accept a wide range of national/government fleet cards and our commercial account customers benefit from a single point of contact, citywide coverage, and standardized work authorization procedures.

Book Your Auto Repair Service Online Now!

Whether you need car repair services, new tires, or an oil change in Las Vegas, the team at any one of our convenient locations is ready to serve you. You can schedule an appointment online, call us at 1-888-398-8863 if you have any questions, or stop by your closest Tire Works Total Car Care location.

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Las Vegas Auto Repair FAQs

Should I immediately stop driving my vehicle if my “Check Engine” light comes on?

When your vehicle’s check engine light comes on, the onboard computer is indicating that something may be wrong. Unless the vehicle is shutting off or overheating, you don’t have to immediately stop driving, but bring it into your closest Tire Works location as soon as possible. We can quickly connect our diagnostic scanner to your vehicle’s computer to pinpoint what is triggering the check engine light and what service needs to be done to correct the issue.

Schedule an appointment now to address your check engine light today!

Is my vehicle’s warranty only valid if the maintenance or repair work is done at the dealership?

No! By law, automakers and dealerships cannot force you to have service done exclusively through a dealership to maintain your new-car warranty. You can still have high-quality auto repair and service done outside of the dealership without invalidating your vehicle’s warranty. Do make sure you keep all records of routine maintenance and repair work done on your vehicle, regardless of where you had the work done.

Our mechanics have the highest ASE certifications in the industry. The expert auto care we provide will meet or exceed the service you would get at a dealership and help extend the life of your vehicle without invalidating your warranty requirements. Plus, the cost will be much more reasonable. Come into your closest Tire Works location today!

Do you offer financing for auto repair services?

We are proud to partner with several credit card and financing options to help our customers keep their vehicles in optimal condition, even when the unexpected happens. Apply online now or feel free to call us with any questions you may have.

What does “preventive maintenance” mean?

Preventative maintenance is designed to prevent any major car repairs by their early identification. It’s more than just an occasional oil change. Your owner’s manual will outline a recommended schedule of all systems inspections in your vehicle, usually at 30,000, 60,000, and 90,000 miles. Every auto mechanic at Tire Works Total Car Care aims to ensure your vehicle remains in top working order and helps you avoid expensive auto repair bills in the future.

The preventative services performed by our ASE-certified mechanics in our auto repair shop include the following (depending on the mileage interval):

  • Tire wear & tear inspection and air pressure check
  • Oil change and filter replacement
  • Fuel and air filters replacement, if necessary
  • Tire balancing and rotation
  • Wheel alignment
  • All lights and signals check
  • System fluids (brake, power steering, etc.) check and flushing, if necessary
  • Brake pads inspection and replacement

For all these services, contact the best auto repair in Las Vegas, Tire Works Total Car Care, to discuss the recommended preventative maintenance for your vehicle and schedule your appointment.

Also, check out our specials to save money on preventative maintenance appointments.

What is the oil change schedule of my vehicle?

First, check the owner’s manual of your car for the recommended interval. Depending on the make and model of your vehicle, the suggestion is usually between 3,000 and 6,000 miles. However, newer cars need fewer oil changes, especially if the manufacturer recommends full-synthetic oil. In this case, your car will probably be on a schedule for every 7,000 to 10,000 miles. If your vehicle is used for towing or you live in an extreme climate, oil specialists suggest more frequent oil changes.

Schedule an appointment today for an oil change or discuss this with our ASE-certified mechanics at Tire Works Total Car Care. We will set up a schedule of oil changes that meets your needs and keeps your car running as long as possible.

How do I get the most use from my new tires?

The most important thing you can do is regularly check the proper tire inflation. Get a good tire gauge and learn how to use it. Every week or so, check the inflation in all four tires for the recommended inflation. You can find this number inside the driver’s side door or in your owner’s manual.

Following the preventative maintenance schedule for other systems in your car is also important. They will affect the longevity of your tires, too. These include:

  • Suspension maintenance and repair: Your car’s suspension directly affects the tires and their longevity. The tires can be worn off from damaged/repairable suspension struts.
  • Brake services: Faulty or worn brakes strain your tires, causing them to wear faster, which can create a safety issue.
  • Wheel alignment and tire rotation: Misaligned wheels cause tires to wear unevenly. The same is true for tires that aren’t rotated regularly.

We can perform all of these services at Tire Works Total Car Care. Our goal is to extend the longevity of your tires as long as possible and protect your investment. Contact us today for any questions or schedule your appointment online now.

What are the numbers on the side of my tires?

These numbers tell you the type and size of the tire. The series always begins with a letter:

  • P means passenger tire
  • LT means light truck tire

The following three numbers are the section width—the width of the tread on the tire. Two numbers after the slash represent the tire aspect ratio, meaning the sidewall height is expressed as a percentage of the section width. The final number after the R is the tire’s diameter in inches.
Here’s an example. P225/60R16 means:

  • It is a passenger tire
  • Section width = 225mm
  • Aspect ratio = 60% of 225mm (the sidewall height would be 135mm)
  • Rim diameter = 16 inches

Contact our Las Vegas tire shop for a recommendation of the correct type of tires for your vehicle.

Does Tire Works also service car AC systems?

Yes! And here in Las Vegas, you don’t want to be without AC in your car. Have it checked at least once a year because any vehicle’s AC system loses about 5% of its efficiency yearly. This preventative maintenance will ensure proper cooling and identify minor problems before they lead to expensive repairs in the future.

Here are some warning signs of potential AC system problems:

  • An increased amount of noise while the AC is running
  • A strange odor from AC vents
  • AC blowing tepid or warm air instead of cool air

Tire Works Total Car Care will perform an AC diagnostic test, inspect your system, and identify any current issues. They will then discuss the results and tell you what type of car repair you may need. Schedule an appointment to make sure you stay cool!

Is there a preventative maintenance schedule for brakes, too?

The health of your brake system ensures your safety on the road. The friction and heat generated during braking wear down all parts of the braking system. For this reason, regular system checks are always included in a preventative maintenance appointment at Tire Works.

In between regular brake inspections, there are several red flags to alert you of potential brake system problems:

  • A squealing sound when braking
  • Grinding in the brake pedal when in use
  • Vehicle pulling to one side when braking
  • Feeling a “spongy” brake pedal when it is easily pressed
  • The brake system or brake fluid service indicator light is illuminated on the dashboard

Make an appointment to have any of these red flags checked out!

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