Pahrump Auto Repair

Tire Works Total Car Care in Pahrump, NV has the knowledgeable and experienced ASE-certified mechanics you want working under the hood of your vehicle. Our state-of-the art auto shops are equipped with the best tools and equipment available to perform top-quality auto repair and maintenance services.

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Auto repair services in Pahrump

We provide a full range of auto repair and maintenance services to help our customers get in and out and back on the road as quickly as possible.

Auto repair services we offer Pahrump drivers include:

At Tire Works, complete car care means just that. When you search the internet for “auto repair near me” or “best mechanic near me,” you may see the auto shops closest to you, but they aren’t necessarily the best ones for you. When you choose Tire Works, you can be confident that you’re receiving the highest-quality services and products from experienced car care professionals.

Save with auto repair coupons

Protecting your investment in your car or truck means investing in expert services. To help you save money at Tire Works, we offer auto repair coupons. Check our coupons page before you make your next appointment. You can also sign up for our email list to get exclusive deals delivered right into your inbox.

Financing for auto repair service

The Tire Works Credit Card lets you finance larger auto repairs with easy monthly payments that you can afford. We’ve teamed up with CFNA to offer this auto service credit card just for our customers.

Signing up is fast and easy – learn more about the program and apply here.

Complimentary pick-up and drop-off service

For your convenience, Tire Works offers our free concierge service. We’ll be happy to pick up your vehicle from a location within three miles of our Pahrump auto shop and return it to you when we’ve completed your repairs or servicing.

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Save time and book your auto repair service appointment completely online and pick the best times for you to bring in your vehicle. We’ll get back to you to confirm a date and time.

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Pahrump Auto Repair FAQs

How often should I have my oil changed?

Keeping the oil in your vehicle changed regularly is an essential maintenance task that every driver should have done. Though it will depend on how many miles you drive and the type of oil in your vehicle, you should expect to have your oil changed at least once a year or every 3,000 to 6,000 miles, whichever comes first. By maintaining the regular oil changes in your vehicle, you can ensure that your engine will be well-lubricated and operating smoothly and may be protected from a major auto repair in the future. Has it been awhile since your last oil change? Schedule an appointment today and let Tire Works Total Car Care in Pahrump handle your oil changes.

Why is preventative maintenance important?

Preventative maintenance consists of several different checks, replacements, and sometimes minor repairs that help the systems in your vehicle operate smoothly and efficiently. In addition to regular oil changes, preventative maintenance on your vehicle should include brake checks, fluid top offs, tire rotations, light and signal inspections, as well as having your wipers, belts and hoses checked.

By keeping up with all these routine car services, you can help your vehicle perform at its very best and help to prevent a major breakdown or a more costly auto repair down the road.

What should I do if my check engine light is on?

If your check engine light comes on, a lot of times your first instinct is to worry that it may be something serious. Although this light is meant to be an indicator that there is an issue in your vehicle, it could be something as simple as a faulty sensor or a wiring issue that can be easily corrected. There is no need to panic, though you should probably take your car or truck into an auto shop to have it looked at by a professional mechanic just to be sure. Here at Tire Works Total Car Care in Pahrump, we can quickly diagnose the issue that your vehicle is experiencing and make any auto repair necessary.

Should I check my brakes frequently?

Keeping your brakes in good condition is a massive safety measure that every vehicle owner will want to maintain. If your brakes are squealing, crunching or skipping, it could lead to an accident and endangers yourself, your passengers and other drivers. We recommend having your brakes checked every time you bring in your vehicle for your regularly scheduled maintenance like with your oil and filter change and tire rotation. Your safety is extremely important and ignoring the signs of poor brakes could be a fatal mistake. Need to have your brakes checked? Schedule an appointment today and let Tire Works Total Car care check on your brakes and keep you safe while driving.

How often should I have my AC checked?

The air conditioning systems in modern cars are much more complex than those in older cars and trucks. At Tire Works, we have equipment and experience to thoroughly assess your AC system—including its computerized components—and we will manage all environmental disposal issues. Although there is no set schedule for car AC repair, all systems continue to lose efficiency over time. If you notice that your AC isn’t blowing as cold as it should, or if the passenger cabin seems damp, come into our auto shop for an AC check.

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