Headlight Restoration in Las Vegas, NV

Look at your headlights. Are they cloudy or yellowed? If so, you could benefit from a headlight restoration service. The service effectively cleans the lights and are just a fraction of the cost of replacing them.

What’s Included In A Headlight Restoration Service 

An expert Las Vegas mechanic will treat the headlights with a cleaner before successive series of sanding and cleaning. Finally, the mechanic will apply a finish, which helps to delay the buildup from occurring again. After a headlight restoration service, the lights will look brand new.

Why Do My Headlights Turn Yellow 

Headlight lenses are mostly manufactured out of polycarbonate plastic. This polycarbonate is susceptible to ultraviolet radiation from the sun, which causes the lenses to cloud/oxidize. Additionally, as we drive, a thin layer of chemicals, acids, and dust accumulates on the lens. This also has a negative impact on visibility by causing a yellowing effect. Those inconsistencies in the plastic cause the light to diffuse and refract, meaning that your headlights won’t be as bright. Often, you don’t realize the headlight problems until they are exceptionally dim since the damage and opacity differences occur over a long period.

However, you can prevent many of the problems caused by direct sunlight by parking your car in the shade.

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Headlight Restoration in Las Vegas, NV
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