Fort Mohave Oil Change Service

Trust the Auto Experts at Tire Works Total Car Care for your Oil Change

Tire Works Total Car Care is your home for automotive maintenance and services. Our full-service auto repair shop in Fort Mohave is here to help maintain your engine and keep you on the road. We offer expert service from skilled, ASE-certified mechanics. Our crew has the skills and tools to give your engine the oil change and service it needs. You can trust our team to handle everything under your vehicle's hood.

Protect Your Engine with a Routine Oil Change Service

Your motor may be the most essential component in your vehicle. Maintaining a regular oil change routine is the best way to protect your engine. Your vehicle needs fresh, clean oil around every 3,000 miles you drive. Maintaining a regular oil change routine will help keep your engine in optimal condition and keep you out on the road.

The Pivotal Part of Engine Oil

Your engine oil plays a critical role in your vehicle. The engine oil is the cleaning crew of your motor. As the oil circulates through the engine, it gathers dirt and debris to remove any friction or hazards in your engine parts. As the oil flows through your engine, it provides much-needed lubrication for the moving components to keep everything moving smoothly. The engine oil also serves to keep your motor at an operable temperature. While the oil is circulating through the engine, valves, and pistons, it helps everything run cool and comfortably. While it may seem small, your engine oil is essential to help keep your motor running. However, like most things in your vehicle, your engine oil has a limited lifespan. As the oil pulls out debris and dirt from your engine, eventually, it gets saturated and needs to be replaced. Once your engine oil is full of engine gunk, it becomes less effective and inefficient.  When your oil gets dirty, it's time to have your oil change service done.

What Full-Service Fort Mohave Oil Change Means

Tire Works Total Car Care never goes halfway. When you trust us with your Fort Mohave oil change, we give you much more than new oil. You can count on us to include the complete package with your oil change. Every oil change service we perform will include the following bonuses:
  • Complete removal of the spent oil and old oil filter
  • Up to five quarts of oil
  • A multipoint inspection of safety components
  • Review of belts/hoses/air filters, etc.
  • Lubrication of door hinges
  • Expert insight into your vehicle
  • Recommendations for future maintenance
  • Fast, thorough service
  • An excellent customer experience
We go above and beyond to make your oil change service experience excellent. Our customers are our highest priority. We will show you what total car care looks like.

Convenient Concierge Oil Change Service in Fort Mohave, AZ

Sometimes, your schedule has little wiggle room. When you are tight on time, we make it easy and convenient to have the oil change service your vehicle needs. Our complimentary concierge service will pick up your vehicle for service and return it before you know it. Our priority is to provide safe, reliable oil change services and maintenance that are convenient for you. We promise secure handling and return of your vehicle. This allows you to have confidence in knowing that your car is in good hands while you are at the office or home.

Schedule Your Fort Mohave Oil Change Today

Your auto maintenance needs are covered at Tire Works Total Car Care in Fort Mohave, Arizona. With our crew working on your oil change, you can count on our expertise and skills to do the job right. Whether you have a new vehicle or are sporting an older model, our crew will handle everything.