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An Easy Way To Deal Tire Repair

Getting a flat tire or requiring a tire repair can be a stressful situation, especially because tire mishaps always seem to happen at the worst possible time. However, at Tire Works in Kingman, AZ, we strive to meet all of your tire-related needs and make your tire mishaps as smooth and painless as possible. From our ASE-certified mechanics, who can perform all the tire services that your vehicle will ever need, to our wide selection of high-quality tires, there are so many reasons why drivers trust our Kingsman tire shop for all of their auto-related needs. Whether you need fast tire repair services or complete tire replacement, the experts at our Kingman auto repair shop can get your vehicle repaired and back on the road in no time. Schedule service with Tire Works today, and check out our tire coupons to discover how much you can save on all of your tire-related needs!

Providing Trustworthy Tire Repair Services

Not every tire mishap requires tire replacement. Our ASE-certified mechanics are capable of inspecting, diagnosing, and, if the problem is fixable, performing the necessary repairs to get your vehicle back on the road.

What Is Tire Repair?

Some drivers are left scratching their heads when they hear the words “tire repair” and may think of store-bought tire sealant when it comes to fixing a leaking tire. While these quick solutions may get you off the side of the road in a pinch, they certainly are not long-term solutions for a leaking tire. Here are a few key tire repair services that we provide at our Kingman tire shop:

Tire Patch Services

If you run over a nail or a bolt that punctures your tire, your tire may be able to be patched. A tire patch is a rubber disk that is installed to effectively repair the puncture hole in your tire. Tire patches are a great fix for a hole in a tire, but not all types of tire punctures can be repaired with a patch. For example, if your tire is sliced, or there is damage to your sidewall, your tires cannot be patched and must be replaced. However, if your tire can be patched, this repair should last for the life of the tire and it should not require any further attention.

Valve Stem Repair

Sometimes, tires may lose air pressure without any visible damage. When this happens, the culprit can be a defective or damaged valve stem. Because valve stems stick out from the side of your wheel so that your tire can be filled with air, the stem can be damaged if you hit a curb or pothole. If your tire is mysteriously losing air, one of our mechanics can inspect your valve stem to determine if this component can be repaired. If so, we’ll provide a quality valve stem repair.

Convenient Tire Replacement in Kingman

Unfortunately, there are times when your tire simply cannot be repaired, and must be replaced. Other times, if your tires have served you for tens of thousands of miles, it's likely time for a new set. Either way, we encourage you to trust our Kingman tire shop for all of your tire-related needs. We service all vehicle makes and models, and we carry all of the top brands. So no matter what type of tire you need or what type of vehicle you drive, you can trust Tire Works to get you back on the road. Even if you need a specialty tire, such as one for an electric vehicle or a run-flat tire, we can order it so that it's ready for you when you arrive for your appointment. Schedule service today at Tire Works and see why drivers choose our Kingman tire shop to buy tires with assurance.

Kingman Tire Shop Services

At Tire Works, we know that accidents are sometimes unavoidable. However, quality tire service is a great way to maximize the life of your tires so that you don't need to replace them so soon. From tire alignment services to tire rotation, our experts do it all. We even help you save with tire repair coupons and tire discounts that help your dollar stretch further. Schedule an appointment at Tire Works in Kingman, AZ, and trust your vehicle in the hands of certified experts.