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In North Las Vegas, especially during the summer months, a properly functioning AC system is a must. If your car AC is not blowing cold air anymore and you’re searching for car AC repair near me,” you don’t have to search any farther than the skilled car AC repair professionals at Tire Works in North Las Vegas. Whether you need an AC recharge or some other car AC repair, we’ll get your car or truck AC blowing cold again quickly.

From your system’s computerized components to environmental disposal regulations, our ASE-certified technicians have experience in all aspects of AC repair and service. When you come into our shop, we’ll inspect the entire AC system for damage, leaks, and any other indications of trouble to determine exactly what needs to be done. Our technicians can help you maintain your car AC system’s performance and make sure you always have cold air blowing.

Top-Quality Auto AC Services For Your Vehicle

You can rely on us for top-notch AC services at our North Las Vegas auto repair location, along with any of our other convenient locations. With the latest repair and diagnostic equipment, our technicians offer AC services including:

  • Performance test
  • AC system inspections (compressor check, leak check, belt and hose check)
  • AC leak repairs
  • Vehicle AC component repair
  • AC recharge service 

At Tire Works, we want to make taking care of your car or truck affordable. Check our coupons page for the latest deals to save you money on your next car AC repair or maintenance services.

Keep Cool With Regular Auto Air Conditioning Maintenance

Each year without regular maintenance, your vehicle’s AC system loses roughly 5% of its original efficiency. Keep your system in peak condition with regular maintenance from the car AC experts at Tire Works. For the maintenance schedule recommended by the manufacturer, you can check your vehicle’s owner’s manual or the pros at our North Las Vegas location can help you determine what is best for your vehicle.

Auto AC Recharge Service

If your AC system is no longer cooling properly or the refrigerant in your vehicle is low, it may be time for a car AC recharge. This periodic maintenance service is when new refrigerant is added to the system, allowing the system to start blowing cold air again.

An AC recharge service will start with our technicians checking the system for any damage or leaks. If there are no leaks that need to be repaired first, the existing refrigerant will be removed (evacuated). We’ll then vacuum-test the system and recharge it with the appropriate refrigerant for your vehicle. Your AC system will then be able to work optimally because it will have the proper amount of refrigerant and is free of contaminants.

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North Las Vegas Auto AC Repair & AC Recharge FAQs

What are some signs that I need auto AC repair or a car AC recharge?

With the heat in Nevada reaching incredible temperatures, a properly functioning car AC is an essential part of driving. Some of the signs that you may need either auto AC repair or a recharge are:

  • Blowing warm air: This is typically one of the first things you’ll notice and is a clear sign that your AC is not functioning correctly.
  • Strange noises: A whining or clicking noise coming from your AC could be a sign of a condenser issue or of a loose object stuck inside.
  • Damp spots in the cabin: Dampness in the cabin could be a sign that your AC isn’t correctly handling condensation.
  • Foul smells: This is typically an indicator that there’s mildew or mold in your AC.

How often should I have a car AC recharge?

While there’s no recommended timeframe for regular maintenance on your auto AC, you should have it checked out by a professional auto mechanic whenever something isn’t working correctly. If your AC is blowing warm air or isn’t functioning properly, you can bring your car in to have an AC recharge or check as often as you need.

Here at Tire Works Total Car Care in North Las Vegas, we understand the importance of a functioning auto AC unit and can help keep your car cool and comfortable. If you need an AC recharge or AC repair, book an appointment today and let our crew help you beat the heat.

Can I perform a car AC recharge myself?

Most of us have seen the car AC recharge kits sold at most auto parts stores. While these are advertised as a self-service car AC recharge, they’re somewhat risky and we don’t recommend their use. Because each vehicle is different and holds different amounts of refrigerant, you may end up overflowing your system, which could lead to damaging your AC. It’s much easier to have the professionals at Tire Works Total Car Care perform your AC recharge, knowing that it'll be done correctly and without risking damage to your system.

Does Tire Works Total Car Care offer discounts on auto AC repairs?

Here at Tire Works Total Car Care in North Las Vegas, we totally understand that everyone wants to save as much money as possible, so we offer coupons and specials to help with the cost of all of your auto AC repair, oil changes, and any other auto care you may need. Whether you’re on a tight budget or just love quality auto care, our team of ASE-Certified technicians at Tire Works Total Car Care has you entirely covered with your next service appointment.