Come to the Tire Works Tire Shop in Paradise for All Your Repair & Service Needs

If you’re looking for a tire shop near you, make an appointment at the Paradise NV location of Tire Works. Our ASE-Certified technicians provide expert tire repair, wheel balancing, tire rotation, and brand-new tires at great prices.

Tire Maintenance Is Our Specialty

Routine maintenance is generally recommended every 5,000 miles, or more frequently if you normally drive under adverse conditions or tow heavy loads. Check with one of our tire specialists for guidance on a tire maintenance schedule for your vehicles. Factors such as frequent sudden stops and starts, extreme climate conditions, and poor road conditions have an effect on tire wear. 

When you bring your car or truck in for a tire inspection, the ASE-certified tire specialists at Tire Works will thoroughly inspect the following in order to protect your safety:

  • Tire pressure and monitoring system (TPMS)
  • Unusual or progressing tread wear
  • Wheel balance
  • Wheel bearings

After our tire specialist consults with you, we’ll provide a clear estimate and recommendations on whether your tires can be safely repaired or should be replaced.

Signs of Tire Trouble

You will save time and money if you detect problems early. In between scheduled tire maintenance, inspect your tires visually on a regular basis for the following:

  • Tread worn on one side more than the other
  • Exposed wire in the tire
  • Rippled (high and low) wear
  • Shallow tread
  • Objects in the tread
  • Cracks, splits, cuts, punctures, bulges
  • Slow leaks
  • Missing valve caps

Any of these signs need to be checked at our Tire Works shop in Paradise. And make sure to check the coupons page for tire discounts near you and other money-saving services. 

Replacing Versus Repairing

As you’re making a decision about repairing or replacing a tire, take the following into consideration. A tire can possibly be repaired rather than replaced if:

  • A puncture is ¼ inch or less in diameter. 
  • A puncture is in the tire tread.
  • If multiple punctures are 16 inches or more apart.

But it’s best to replace a tire if:

  • There is separation in the tread.
  • A puncture is in the sidewall.
  • There is more than one puncture over a wide area of the tire.

Ask our tire specialists to help you choose a new tire or tires for your vehicle. Our tire stores provide the best selection of tires with the best prices in the area. Tire Works sells the top brands, so we will find the right tire for your vehicle.

Don’t forget to check for the best tire discounts, too. Get the best value you can on your new tires.

Our Concierge Service Saves Time

We will pick your vehicle up  (within three miles) for its service appointment, complete the scheduled work, clean and sanitize your vehicle for your safety, and then return it to you. Quality and convenience are the hallmarks of your local Tire Works store in Paradise.

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