The Best Car AC Repair Near You

Most drivers don’t think about their vehicle’s AC system until it stops blowing cold air. At Tire Works auto repair in Sunrise Manor, our ASE-certified mechanics can quickly diagnose the cause of your AC issues and recommend any needed repairs. You can book your appointment online now for our expert AC service.

Common AC Problems

The AC system in your car or truck is made up of the compressor, condenser, expansion valve, and evaporator. Here are some of the ways the system can become less effective or fail completely:

  • The system needs to be recharged, which means the refrigerant may be leaking out and more needs to be added. First, the source of the leak will need to be repaired. A car AC recharge simply means giving your system the power it needs to get back to keeping you cool on the road.
  • Older vehicles are not compatible with the change in standards of Freon (refrigerant). When your car needs an AC recharge, it may need to be retrofitted to handle the new grade of refrigerant. The compressor and the seals and hoses will need to be changed. 
  • The heater core may become corroded and start leaking. Watch for steam coming into the passenger cabin from the vents, as well as a sweet smell. The heater core will need to be replaced in this case.

Whatever the problem is, the specialists at Tire Works can locate it and get you back on the road in comfort. 

Tire Works is also dedicated to giving you added value at every opportunity. Check out our money-saving coupons before you come into our Sunrise Manor shop for service.

Schedule Your AC Check Today

Rather than dealing with expensive, unexpected repairs, add our Tire Works AC inspection to your car’s regular maintenance schedule. Our ASE-certified technicians will:

  • Assess the temperature in the cabin 
  • Check the pressure in the cooling system 
  • Look for damaged, corroded, or leaking parts
  • Determine if the compressor belt needs to be replaced
  • Inspect radiator coolant level, hose pipes, pressure cap, and thermostat
  • Check the entire system for holes in refrigerant lines
  • Compare the pressure in the system with manufacturer’s specifications

Signs Your AC System Needs Service

The following signs may indicate that your AC system isn’t functioning as it should:

  • Water collecting inside the car, usually on the floorboards
  • Odors inside the car
  • AC light on the dashboard illuminates
  • Unusual noises, like fluttering

If you notice any of these signs between your scheduled inspections, don’t wait to bring your vehicle in to be checked. 

Use Our Free Concierge Service

Another service offered free of charge by Tire Works is our Concierge Service. We will come to your home or office (within three miles) and perform the services needed and return the car to you. Our staff will also clean all contact points in the vehicle and sanitize it to protect your safety.

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Sunrise Manor Car AC Repair FAQs

How can I tell if I need car AC repair?

There are some definitive signals that you can look for to know if you need auto AC repair. In addition to the car AC not blowing cool air, you can look for these signs:

  • Moisture or dampness: Wet spots in your car are typically a sign that your car AC unit is not draining properly and is instead depositing condensation into your vehicle. This could require a condenser cleaning or car AC repair.
  • Unpleasant odor: A bad smell coming from your AC could mean that moisture in your vehicle has started to grow mold or mildew.
  • Weird noises: A clattering noise in your auto AC unit could be a sign that there is something foreign in your AC unit. A whining noise, on the other hand, is an indicator that there may be a problem with your compressor.

What auto AC repair services does Tire Works Total Car Care in Sunrise Manor provide?

Here at our Sunrise Manor auto repair shop, our ASE-Certified technicians are specially trained in all auto AC repairs and have the skills, tools, and experience to handle whatever repair you send our way. We will perform a full inspection of your auto AC unit which includes:

  • Compressor inspection
  • Condenser cleaning
  • A check for any leaks
  • Performance test
  • Check for all connections
  • A thorough evacuation and car AC recharge, if necessary

No matter what car AC repair or service you need, Tire Works Total Car Care has you covered. If you need auto AC repair in Sunrise Manor, schedule an appointment today and let our crew keep your car AC running cool and efficiently.

Does Tire Works Total Car Care in Sunrise Manor offer any discounts on car AC repair?

We certainly understand that an auto service of any kind can be a financial burden, and we make it a priority to offer quality auto AC repair and service at a reasonable cost. We also offer several different coupons and promotions to help keep you within your budget.

We also partner with the Credit First National Association to offer the Tire Works VIP Credit Card. This dedicated auto care card can help you budget and plan ahead for all of your auto repairs. Whether you need car AC repair or your oil changed, Tire Works Total Car Care in Sunrise Manor has you covered for all your auto care necessities.

Do I need to change the air filter in my car AC?

Yes! Your auto AC has an air filter that helps remove pollutants and prevents them from being circulated throughout the cabin of your vehicle. This not only helps your cabin to be comfortable and clean but also greatly improves the efficiency and health of the AC unit in your vehicle. Changing your air filter periodically is a common auto AC repair that we will perform when you bring your car into any Tire Works Total Car Care for car AC repair or AC service.