Auto Repair & Car Maintenance: Understanding The Difference

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Auto repair, car maintenance—potato (puh-TEI-toe), potato (po-TAH-toe) right? Well, not exactly. Auto repair in Las Vegas requires knowledgeable auto mechanics providing a calculated response to an acute issue. On the other hand, car maintenance calls for proactively implementing steps to preserve and protect your car’s many vital systems and components. 

In the ultimate showdown of Las Vegas auto services, this guide will dive deep into the differences between these two necessary actions and the best times to utilize both for your vehicle.

Best Car Maintenance Tasks For Your Vehicle

Preventative maintenance for your vehicle is one of the best ways to keep your car running at its best for as long as possible. The climate we have here in Las Vegas does a number on all the sensitive components of your vehicle. Dry and dusty conditions work their way into your oil and various engine fluids, put extra pressure on your tires, and can quickly clog air filters. The good news is, preventative maintenance helps to prevent minor issues from developing into major ones by staying on top of regular maintenance tasks. 

Every vehicle is different and each manufacturer specifies a set maintenance time interval for just about every single component on a given vehicle. An ASE-certified auto mechanic is a professional who has been trained in both foreign and domestic vehicles, hybrid, and standard, which means they have the skills and experience required to do the necessary maintenance your Las Vegas vehicle needs. 

The best car maintenance tasks you can do to keep your vehicle running at its best include:

  • Oil and filter changes: While this can vary somewhat based on your vehicle and driving habits, it’s recommended to get your oil and filter changed every 3,000 miles or every 6 months, whichever comes first. Your oil is the literal lifeblood of your engine, helping to lubricate your engine, dissipate heat, and remove contaminants. Over time, your engine oil and filter gets dirty, which can lead to a build up of sludge. As your oil slowly becomes unable to do its job of preventing heat and friction, a drop in performance ensues and your engine has to work harder to function. 
  • Tire balancing and wheel alignment: Your tires are a significant player in getting you from A to B safely, as well as representing a significant investment when you buy new tires. Keeping them balanced and keeping wheels in proper alignment helps to prevent uneven tread wear on your tires and the many supporting systems around them. 
  • Keeping fluid levels filled: Your engine has many different fluids that all need to be checked and filled regularly. Power steering fluid, engine coolant, and other fluids should be flushed and refilled with high-quality replacements on a set schedule according to your vehicle’s manufacturer and the recommendation of your auto mechanic.
  • Filter replacement: In addition to your oil filter, your vehicle uses several other types of filters to keep systems free of contaminants. You should change your fuel filter as well as cabin air filter and engine air filter regularly to prevent excessive dust and debris from accumulating. Every filter has its own individual limit to how much it can hold and once at capacity, the filter is no longer doing its job, which also puts more strain on the system as a whole.
  • Chassis lubrication: Pay particular attention to the chassis. With the dry and dusty conditions we have here in Nevada, you should consider having your chassis lubricated with every oil change.
  • Belts and Hoses: Having a regular set of eyes on your engine is important for spotting minor issues before they develop further and checking your belts and hoses is also part of a solid maintenance plan. Our ASE-trained technicians know exactly what to look for to help spot cracking or fraying that could mean a failure is eminent. Replacing these parts before they fail can help prevent ancillary damage and assure that you don’t end up stranded on the road. 

Regular vehicle maintenance is your best bet for maximizing performance and keeping your vehicle running smoothly for as long as possible, but these are preventative in nature. Next we’ll look at how our trained auto professionals tackle acute issues you may have with your vehicle.

Car Repairs To Get You Back on the Road

Auto repairs sometimes come unexpectedly and can be the result of any number of different issues. Perhaps you hit a pothole on I-15 and your alignment is off, or a cell phone charger was left plugged in and now you have a dead battery. However these issues occur, our ASE-certified auto mechanics know all of the steps required to get your vehicle expertly serviced and back on the road as quickly as possible. 

A few of the many different auto repairs Tire Works in Las Vas Vegas is proud to offer include:

  • Tire repair and replacement: Having a flat can be a major inconvenience, but our trained technicians know the perfect solution for safely fixing flats according to the manufacturer’s specifications. Whether it needs a patch or plug, we’ll work to perform the work as quickly as possible. When a tire can’t be safely repaired, Tire Works has a huge selection of new tires made to fit your vehicle perfectly. 
  • Wheel alignment: When your wheels aren’t properly aligned, you may notice a pulling to one side or the other. You may also feel excessive vibration in the steering wheel or pedals. Improper alignment can lead to premature tread wear, which can greatly reduce the lifespan of your tires. Our pros use sophisticated equipment to dial in the perfect alignment for your tires and your vehicle. 
  • Brake services: Your brakes are incredibly important for safe and controlled stops, but like almost everything, they eventually wear out. If you’re feeling vibration when you brake, hear a grinding or screeching when braking, or simply notice it’s taking longer to stop, it’s time for a brake check. Brake rotors, brake pads, and brake calipers are the three biggest components of your braking system and our trained technicians can diagnose exactly what the issue is to get your braking system back up to full capacity.
  • Car battery replacement: When your car battery is dead, it can be from any one of a number of different causes. Our team can test your battery and, if necessary, remove and replace it with a high-quality new battery just for your vehicle. 
  • Car AC repair: Having a car without a properly operating AC in Vegas is a major inconvenience. When your vehicle’s AC isn’t blowing as cold as you want it to, it can mean it’s low on refrigerant or some other component is starting to fail. We’ll test the system to see exactly what’s causing the issue and outline the best repairs to get your AC back online.
  • Steering repair: Steering is obviously a crucial aspect of driving safely, so any issues here should never be ignored. There are many different components of your steering system that can require repair and our trained pros know them all. 

By using the best parts and products and servicing vehicles in our state-of-the-art facilities, our team is ensuring your vehicle is being repaired to the highest industry standards. 

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