Car Maintenance Tips

Get your vehicle ready for winter!

I know it may seem that the winter here in Nevada is not as damaging to your vehicle as if we lived in the mountains covered by snow. In actuality it can be more dangerous due to running your vehicle in extremely high temperatures and then running it in lower temperatures. Here at Tire Works Total Car Care we appreciate the winter and try to educate all customers on tips to maintain their vehicle properly. Here are a few tips and if questions arise please visit one of our locations.

  1. Read your owner’s manual and follow the recommended service schedules
  2. Get your dirty filters replaced
  3. Get an oil change
  4. Cooling system should be flushed and refilled
  5. Replace Wiper blades
  6. Check your Battery
  7. Inspect all lights and bulbs
  8. Get a tire inspection
  9. Brake inspection
  10. Carry Emergency Kit with you at all times