Seasonal Oil Changes: Preparing Your Vehicle for Las Vegas Summers

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Protect Your Vehicle From Summer Heat in Las Vegas, NV

Living in Las Vegas, our vehicles face challenges that other vehicles across the country may not necessarily face. Because Las Vegas is set in a desert climate, our vehicles must battle extreme temperatures that routinely reach triple digits in the summer. Because of these high ambient temperatures, we are forced to take extra care of our vehicles to avoid breakdowns and ensure that our cars can push through the summer heat.

Before summer arrives, we routinely hear reminders to check our coolant and perform an A/C service to ensure we're cool and comfortable. However, we don't always hear a lot about changing our oil before summer.

At Tire Works, we provide quality oil change services in Las Vegas. Because we service all makes and models of vehicles and staff ASE-certified mechanics, we’re true experts when it comes to caring for and repairing your vehicle. Let's talk about the importance of preparing your vehicle for summer with a synthetic oil change in Las Vegas, NV, and be sure to schedule service with the experts at Tire Works for trusted service.

The Importance of Oil in Your Engine

Your motor oil is truly the lifeblood of your vehicle. Without motor oil in your engine, your engine would overheat and seize, costing thousands of dollars in repairs to get your car up and running again.

As your oil circulates through your engine, it provides vital lubrication to its many moving parts and works to cool them and remove contaminants, like carbon deposits, from causing damage. However, your engine oil must eventually be changed to provide continuous protection for your engine. Additionally, your oil is also sensitive to heat, which is why the type of oil that your vehicle uses is so important — especially during summer when your car can be tested to its limits.

Why We Recommend Full Synthetic Oil

At Tire Works, we recommend a full synthetic oil change to protect your vehicle from summer heat. This is because synthetic oil provides superior protection for your engine in ways that conventional oil simply cannot. Let's take a look at the three types of oil to discover why a full synthetic oil change is the best option for Las Vegas drivers:

1. Conventional Oil

Conventional oil offers the most basic lubrication and protection for your vehicle. This type of oil is derived and refined from crude oil and is generally recommended to be changed roughly every 3,000-5,000 miles. In terms of temperature, conventional oil will oxidize and lose its efficacy once it reaches temperatures of about 275 F. Living in the desert climate of Las Vegas, it's easy to see how conventional oil simply does not provide adequate protection, especially when ambient temperatures routinely sit in the triple digits.

2. Synthetic Blend

Synthetic blend oil uses a conventional base but often uses synthetic additives to provide extra protection. The additives often include sealants, detergents, and other additives intended to address some of the common concerns in aging engines, such as gasket leaks and carbon deposits. Thanks to these synthetic additives, this type of oil can also withstand temperatures of up to 400 ℉ and typically needs to be changed every 5,000-7,500 miles.

3. Full Synthetic Oil

Full synthetic oil is a modified type of oil that is engineered to provide the best protection for your engine. This type of oil can withstand temperatures of 500 ℉ and features the longest change intervals. Designed with high-performance vehicles in mind, full synthetic oil is perfect for vehicles that may be turbocharged, where oil exiting the turbo can reach temperatures of 450 ℉.

It is recommended to perform a full synthetic oil change roughly every 7,500-10,000 miles.

Why Tire Works Will Always Be the Right Choice

Choosing a full synthetic oil change for Las Vegas drivers is the best protection you can provide for your engine. Not only does this help protect your engine during the most challenging time of the year, but it can also help save you thousands of dollars in repair costs.

At Tire Works, we provide quality oil change services for all makes and models of vehicles. We employ ASE-certified mechanics to ensure that a certified expert will always handle your vehicle, while our high-quality Valvoline oil changes will provide lasting protection for your engine.

We even offer exclusive oil change coupons to help you save money while enjoying peace of mind. Schedule an appointment with Tire Works in Las Vegas, NV, and power through summer with peace of mind.

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