Custom Wheels Las Vegas

Slingshot WheelWant to make your vehicle stand out and perform better? Enhance your ride with custom wheels. The wheels you choose depend on your vehicle’s use and driving conditions. For instance, you can increase the size of your wheels for off-road driving or add spinning rims for cruising around town. No matter your needs, talk to our professionals and we will give you custom wheel options.

What type of custom wheels do you want?

Las Vegas drivers can purchase aluminum alloy wheels and custom steel wheels at Tire Works. Learn about the different characteristics of each type of wheel.

Aluminum Alloy Wheels

Lightweight and strong, these wheels improve performance, handling, and gas mileage. They also make your ride look cool and come in a variety of finishes.

Custom Steel Wheels

Heavier than aluminum, these wheels are perfect for off-road driving and heavy-duty work. These strong wheels improve vehicle stability and come with finish options.

After you select your wheels, then you can pick the finish that you want. Common options include: polished, painted, powder-coated, or chrome plated finish. Feel free to ask one of our professionals, which finish best suits your needs.

Contact us today for more information about our custom wheels from brands like CenterlineCruiser AlloyDrifzDropstarFocalForged StyleGear AlloyMotivMTPacerTISWalker, and Worx.

Custom Wheels Las Vegas
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