Tire Shop Tips for Light Trucks & SUVs

Light Trucks & SUV tire repair

Selecting new tires for your SUV or light truck can be confusing as there are many options varying in functionality, longevity, and pricing. However, when it comes to buying tires in Las Vegas, a good tire shop can help you select tires that: 

  • Suit your type of vehicle and budget
  • Provide the best performance for your driving style and terrain
  • Combine safety with performance 

Tire Works can help you shop for new tires and find great tire deals for your light truck and SUV. Call us now at 1-888-398-8863 or make an appointment at a Tire Works store near you.

Buying Tires for Your Light Truck or SUV

Buying the right tires for your light truck or SUV vehicle can be vital for performance and safety. While there is no one specific tire that suits all, how and where you drive can help with selecting the right tires and tread for your needs. An important step in selecting adequate tires can be checking the vehicle’s load-carrying capacity and manufacturer’s recommendations. 

Choosing tires for your vehicle can feel daunting since countless different types of tires are available on the market. However, a good tire shop in Las Vegas can advise you comprehensively and help to select the best tires for your vehicle and circumstances. 

Tire Tread Types for SUVs and Light Trucks

Learning about tire tread types can be crucial for picking the right tires. The most common types of tires available for SUVs and light trucks include:

Highway Terrain (HT) Tires

If you are mainly driving on paved roads, you may want to look for new tires primarily suited to highway driving and with shallow tread depths, such as HT tires. HT tires also have other advantages: they are generally quiet, fuel-efficient, and long-lasting. HT tires tend to be cheaper than all-terrain tires and other types. 

All-Terrain (AT) Tires

AT tires are suitable for various driving conditions. They can be the best of both worlds between HT and mud tires. AT tires have a deeper tread with wider spaces in addition to shoulder and sidewall blocking. However, AT tires are generally more expensive, heavier, slightly louder, and less fuel-efficient than HT tires. AT tires can be a good and safe choice for those who spend time driving on dirt and gravel roads or bad weather.

Mud Terrain (MT) Tires

MT tires have the deepest treads and largest shoulder and sidewall blocking, which makes them primarily suitable for off-road use. However, they are heavy, loud, and reduce gas mileage considerably. MT tires can also be pricey. However, if you frequently drive in muddy conditions, MT tires can be essential as they help to prevent spinning in place.

High Performance (HP) and Ultra High Performance (UHP) Tires

HP tires are suitable for street and high-speed use due to their shallow treads and superb road grip. UHPs have an even higher speed rating and better traction than HPs. However, both types of high-performance tires have lower fuel efficiency and are not as long-lasting as HT tires. 

Having the help of a trustworthy and reliable tire store when it comes to making a decision on new tires can be crucial and potentially prevent you from making a costly mistake. 

How to Find a Good Tire Store in Las Vegas

Finding a good tire store can be tough. However, some things to look out for can include:  

  • Technicians are ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) qualified
  • The shop offers warranties on services and products
  • The tire store has a shuttle service and a comfortable waiting area 
  • Pricing for products and services is clear
  • There are various special offers and coupons 

Selecting new tires at Tire Works is stress-free and convenient. We can help you choose adequate tires, have great special offers and coupons on new tires, and can offer a convenient pick-up and drop-off service.

Head to Tire Works for New Light Truck & SUV Tires

Tire Works is committed to helping you get the best tires for your vehicle, budget, and driving style. We are the one-stop tire shop in Las Vegas, whether you are looking to purchase new tires, need to schedule maintenance, or require repair services. Contact us today with any questions or to schedule an appointment.

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