Auto Repair in Las Vegas: What Should I Ask My Local Auto Mechanic?

Auto Repair in Las Vegas

Your day has been disrupted with the need for an emergency auto repair and your focus is on getting to work or meeting family responsibilities as quickly as possible. You may or may not know just what’s wrong with your vehicle, so when you take it to a local auto mechanic, you’re going to have to trust their diagnosis and recommendations for the auto repairs that are needed. Before you leave your car at the auto shop, though, there are a number of questions you can ask to help make sure you’re going to the right place.

Here are a few topics to discuss that will ensure that you are comfortable with both the shop and the mechanic working on your car.

Top Questions to Ask Your Mechanic

There is nothing any better than working with someone you trust. The initial conversation you have with a repair shop and auto mechanic will tell you quickly if the two of you can establish a successful working relationship. The mechanic and service staff will also appreciate that you are interested in their qualifications and their work.

1. Are You Familiar With This Make and Model of Car?

A mechanic who is only trained on high-end foreign cars, for example, might not do as well with less expensive American cars. Bottom line: the more experience and training a mechanic has with a make or model the better success they will have.

2. What Certifications Do You Have?

The top mechanics in the US have certification from the National Institute for Automobile Service Excellence (ASE). These technicians must show proof of their expertise and are tested regularly to make sure they keep up with advancing automotive technology. 

3. Will You Give Me Details About the Repair That Needs to Be Done?

It’s important that you fully understand the necessary car repairs. What is the scope of the work? Is it a minor repair or not? A good shop with well-qualified mechanics will answer all your questions clearly, thoroughly, and patiently. 

4. Will My Estimate Be Free?

Make sure you ask if the diagnostic check to determine what is wrong with the car and the estimate to fix it is free. If it isn’t, is that charge later deducted from the final bill? And how is the cost determined: an hourly rate or a flat fee? Most reputable auto mechanics and auto repair shops like Tire Works offer free quotes and estimates.

5. Will I Be Kept Informed as the Work Progresses?

If things are taking longer than you were told, will you be kept informed? Sometimes parts are delayed, the need for other repairs are discovered, or unexpected issues arise during a repair. Some states require that the customer be called, but all good shops and their mechanics will want to keep you updated even if it isn’t required by law. 

6. Can I Talk to Others Who Use This Shop and This Mechanic? Does the Shop Publish Reviews, Both Positive and Negative?

Let’s face it: a business can pay for reviews that look good. Data shows today, though, that most consumers rely heavily on impartial review sites like Google Reviews, Yelp, or others. Even better is a current or former customer of the shop that you can talk to. That can even happen in the waiting area! 

Do your homework and ask questions. Tire Works’ service personnel and mechanics welcome informed customers on their team

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