Choosing the Right Engine Oil for Our Las Vegas Climate

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Protect Your Engine in Our Desert Climate

Because we live in the desert, our vehicles experience challenges that other cars across the country don’t face. When it comes to performing an oil change in Las Vegas, we have to put a little more thought into the type of oil we use, as well as how often we need to change it.

At Tire Works, we feature a team of ASE-certified technicians who perform maintenance and repair services on all make and model vehicles. We use the highest quality oil and replacement filters, so trust our qualified mechanics to lend you automotive advice.

Let’s pop the hood and talk about your car’s oil change — then, we’ll go over how you can choose the right engine oil for your vehicle in our Las Vegas climate.

Understanding the Importance of Motor Oil

Your engine consists of many moving parts that generate immense heat. These moving parts require constant lubrication to prevent them from overheating and becoming damaged.

As your oil circulates through your engine, it picks up carbon deposits and other contaminants, trapping them in your oil filter to prevent damage to your engine parts. Your oil is vital to your engine’s operation. However, your oil’s life is finite, and it is also sensitive to heat. Depending on the type of oil that your engine uses, it can oxidize if it reaches a certain temperature. Oxidized oil is simply no good, as it can no longer provide the cooling, lubricating, and protective properties that it once could.

Living in Las Vegas, our vehicles battle extreme heat, which makes the type of oil you use, as well as how often you change it, extremely important.

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Not All Motor Oil Is the Same

There are three types of oil that can be used in your vehicle, each of which offers its own level of protection against heat, friction, and oxidation.

Conventional Oil

Conventional oil offers the most basic protection for your engine. This type of oil oxidizes at temperatures as low as 275°F and is rendered useless once it’s heated beyond this point. Because ambient temperatures can reach triple digits during the summer months, we don’t recommend conventional oil for Las Vegas drivers.

Synthetic Blend

If your vehicle is designed to run on conventional oil, we recommend switching to a synthetic blend. Synthetic blend oil uses a conventional oil base, so it’s compatible with engines designed to run on conventional oil, but it has synthetic additives to offer better protection. Synthetic blend oil is capable of withstanding temperatures of around 400°F, which offers plenty of protection for many naturally aspirated vehicles.

Synthetic blend oil typically needs to be changed every 5,000 to 7,500 miles.

Full Synthetic Oil

Full synthetic oil uses chemically modified oil compounds to create superior protection for your engine. Offering the best protection for your engine, full synthetic oil can withstand temperatures of 500°F without oxidizing. This type of oil is fantastic for many high-performance vehicles that have turbocharged engines. Because oil exiting a turbo can reach temperatures of up to 450°F, full synthetic oil is the only option that can provide the protection that these engines need.

We recommend changing full synthetic oil every 7,500 to 10,000 miles.

What Type of Oil Does Your Vehicle Need To Battle Vegas Climate?

We recommend that you refer to your owner’s manual for the most accurate recommendations for your particular make and model vehicle. However, we advise our customers to use either synthetic blend or full synthetic oil for their vehicles.

We also recommend against downgrading your oil type, as this can cause problems for your engine down the road. For example, if your owner’s manual requires a full synthetic oil change, we recommend against using a synthetic blend, as this does not offer the same level of protection as full synthetic.

Trust Tire Works To Get the Job Done

If you’re looking for a high-quality full synthetic oil change in Las Vegas, look no further than Tire Works. We feature a team of ASE-certified mechanics who perform maintenance and repair services on all make and model vehicles, and we use high-quality Valvoline synthetic oil.

Need more than just a full synthetic oil change? No problem! Our full-service maintenance and repair center can do it all. Here are just a few of the many services that we provide:

In addition to our already competitive prices, we offer remarkable service coupons that allow you to enjoy trustworthy oil change services in Las Vegas at outstanding prices.  Schedule an appointment at Tire Works today, and trust your full synthetic oil change in the hands of our certified mechanics.

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