Oil Changes in Las Vegas: Why Cold Weather Calls for an Oil Change

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It’s no secret that the weather in Las Vegas is scorching for much of the year. However, that doesn’t mean this part of the country is immune to chilly temperatures. During the winter months, lows in Vegas can dip into the 30s.

As you might expect, these conditions can affect your motor oil’s performance — but there is something you can do about this situation. Here’s why scheduling an oil change in Las Vegas is a great way to prepare your vehicle for cold weather.

Weather and Oil Changes: What You Need To Know

Motor oil is a fluid, which means low temperatures can affect its ability to flow — and extreme cold can even stop it in its tracks. As you might expect, that can put a significant amount of stress on your car’s engine. Fortunately, scheduling an oil change before winter weather arrives will help you avoid this situation.

By setting up an appointment for this service, you’ll be able to switch to an oil type formulated with cold temperatures in mind. During the winter, you should look for oils that contain the letter “W” in their grades. This letter stands for “winter,” and it indicates that an oil product can maintain viscosity when there’s a chill in the desert air.

Of course, cold temperatures aren’t the only type of weather that can affect your oil change service schedule. Summers in Las Vegas are notoriously sweltering, and that heat can cause your motor oil to become thinner than it should, negatively affecting its ability to protect and lubricate your engine. Because of that, regular oil changes are just as necessary during the summer months as they are in the winter.

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Other Factors To Think About

As you can see, extreme heat and cold can both affect your need for oil changes. You’ll also want to consider these factors when creating an oil change schedule:

The Age of Your Vehicle

Vehicles have become much more sophisticated in recent decades, so today’s engines can use oil more efficiently than those found in older cars. The aging process can also have an impact on how vehicles use oil. Over time, built-up debris and metal can make it harder for vehicles to get the most out of their motor oil. That means it’s wise to schedule oil changes more frequently for older cars.

Your Driving Habits

If you’re a “severe driver,” don’t sweat it — so are most other motorists in Las Vegas. All this means is that you have driving habits that put extra strain on your vehicle, such as:

  • Towing a trailer (and other heavy loads)
  • Extended driving at speeds below 50 miles per hour
  • Driving on dirt roads

That said, habits like these can still have a negative impact on your oil. Because of that, severe drivers should protect their vehicles by getting oil changes more frequently than average drivers.

Oil-Related Red Flags

No matter how often you schedule oil changes, you might need to take care of this service earlier than planned if something goes wrong. Look out for common signs of trouble, such as:

  • A low oil level. Is your level of oil below where it should be? If so, set up an oil change in Las Vegas immediately — driving a car with insufficient oil isn’t safe.
  • Dirty oil. Regardless of how much oil you have, it won’t be able to function like it should when it isn’t clean. In this situation, you’ll need an oil change to prevent engine damage.
  • An active “check engine” light. Issues with your oil (and countless other problems) can cause your “check engine” light to activate. If this light turns on, you’ll need to visit a trustworthy Vegas auto shop to determine the issue at hand.
  • Odd engine noises. Knocking and ticking sounds can be a symptom of thin or dirty motor oil.
  • Vibrations in your vehicle. If you notice vibrations in your car (especially while it’s idling), your motor oil may be the culprit.
  • Smoke from your exhaust pipe. Aging motor oil is often the reason behind exhaust smoke.

What Oil Type is Best for Cold Weather?

In addition to the factors listed above, the type of oil you buy can directly affect your oil change needs. Here’s a quick rundown of how the two basic types of oil hold up during the winter months:

Conventional Oil

Many drivers in Las Vegas use conventional oil due to its low cost, but this oil type isn’t the best choice for winter weather in terms of performance. The waxes used in conventional oil can become solid when it gets chilly outside. That can make it much harder for this form of oil to function correctly in winter.

Full Synthetic Oil

Since full synthetic oil is artificially manufactured, it delivers far better engine protection than conventional oil in cold temperatures. These oils are engineered to offer consistent viscosity (and, in many cases, a lower freezing point). Thanks to these perks and the other performance advantages that come with a full synthetic oil change, Las Vegas-area drivers can benefit from this service at any time of year.

Get the Best Oil Change in Las Vegas

Even if weather conditions weren’t a factor, scheduling the occasional oil change in Las Vegas would still be a necessity for people in the area. Because of that, you’ll want to know you’re getting oil change service from a shop that will deliver exceptional work without overcharging you for it. If you’re looking for a Las Vegas auto shop, make sure it offers:

  • Mechanics who know what they’re doing. The best mechanics in the industry are ASE-certified. That means finding a shop that employs these mechanics is a quick way to ensure you’re getting the best possible workmanship.
  • Full-service oil changes. Along with removing and replacing your oil, your Las Vegas auto shop of choice should be ready to take care of tasks such as lubricating your car’s chassis, installing a new oil filter, and inspecting your vehicle during oil changes.
  • Ways to save. No one wants to pay more than they have to for auto maintenance, even when they’re getting relatively affordable services like oil changes. Because of that, the best auto shops in Las Vegas provide online oil change coupons and financing options.
  • All the services your vehicle needs. Car trouble is notoriously hard to predict, so you never know what type of service your vehicle might need next. Thus, looking for an auto shop that can do it all is a good idea.

At Tire Works Total Car Care, we can deliver all these benefits and more. When you’re due for a full synthetic oil change, Las Vegas residents should schedule an appointment ASAP!

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