Tire Rotation

 Tire Rotations Are Important

When you don’t rotate your tires, you decrease the life of the tires significantly. Additionally, not rotating your tires can increase drag, which can decrease the fuel efficiency of your vehicle. If a tire deteriorates significantly, you put yourself and other passengers at risk because a tire with extreme wear can strongly pull your vehicle off course and even cause an accident. These are just some of the many reasons why routine tire rotation is so important.

To increase the longevity of your tires, bring your vehicle in for a tire rotation.

How Often Do Tires Need to Be Rotated

Tire rotations should be done over similar lengths of time so that the tread wears evenly on all tires. We suggest getting your tires rotated every time or every other time you get your oil changed. It’s easy because your car is already at the shop and rotations are inexpensive. Our professionals can do a crisscross rotation or a side-to-side rotation, depending on the unique wear and tear of your tires.

For thorough tread inspection and tire rotation, let the professionals at Tire Works Total Car Care take care of you.

Tire Rotation
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