Your Auto Repair Roadmap for Navigating Car Troubles in Las Vegas

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Car Issues Can Be Challenging 

At our Las Vegas auto repair shop, we understand how worrisome it can be if your vehicle starts to experience mechanical failure. From warning lights that you see for the first time to strange behavior from your vehicle, it can sometimes be difficult to understand what's happening to your vehicle. Some people get so used to driving their vehicle like this that they forget that a problem even exists. Unfortunately, continuing to drive your vehicle when it may need service or auto repair can result in even more expensive repairs or the total breakdown of your vehicle.

At Tire Works, we provide trustworthy auto repair in Las Vegas, thanks to our ASE-certified mechanics and high-quality replacement parts — however, we don’t stop there. We provide key advice to help you keep your vehicle in its best shape. Allow us to walk you through some common car troubles we see on a daily basis, and let's talk about what these symptoms may mean for your vehicle.

When you need auto repair in Las Vegas, we welcome you to schedule an appointment with Tire Works.

Common Car Troubles That You May Experience

Some car issues are inevitable. Some can be prevented with routine maintenance. Below are some of the most common car troubles a driver may experience at some point: 

Check Engine Light 

A check engine light is a yellow warning light that will illuminate on your instrument cluster if your vehicle senses that one of its drive-related components is not operating normally. While there are a multitude of reasons why a check engine light can come on, diagnosing the cause of your check engine light will require the help of a professional. At Tire Works, we feature onboard diagnostic equipment that can decipher the fault code that is triggering your vehicle’s check engine light. 

What To Do

If your check engine light comes on shortly after refueling, it's possible that your gas cap could be loose. We recommend turning off your engine and then removing and retightening your gas cap. Drive normally for a few miles to see if your check engine light turns off. If your check engine light remains on, we recommend bringing your vehicle to our auto shop locations for expert diagnosis.

Dead Car Battery

Your car battery is charged with providing power to all of your vehicle's electronics. Its biggest job is to start your engine every time you turn your key or push your start button. As your battery ages, its ability to store energy gets smaller and smaller. As a result, it eventually gets so weak that it can no longer hold enough power to start your vehicle. 

What To Do

If your car battery is dead and your car will not start, you'll need to jump-start it to get your vehicle to a repair facility. If your battery has depleted because of age, your vehicle will likely need to be jump-started each time your engine is turned off. Therefore, we recommend bringing your vehicle to our auto repair facility in Las Vegas for a car battery replacement immediately.

Squeaking Brakes

When brake pads begin to wear thin, they begin to squeak, squeal, and negatively affect your vehicle’s stopping power. Depending on the type of vehicle and the type of brakes your vehicle uses, this squeaking may occur only when your foot is on the brake, or it might happen all the time.

What To Do: 

Squeaking brakes can indicate low brake pad thickness, but it can also be a matter of brake dust causing this noise. We recommend bringing your vehicle in for a brake inspection at your earliest convenience.

Pulling To One Side

Oftentimes, when your vehicle is pulling to one side, this can be an indication of a wheel alignment issue. As your wheels absorb innumerable impacts throughout the day, as you conquer imperfections in the road, and as you turn corners, these stresses can cause your wheels to move out of alignment with one another. Even a misalignment of just one degree can cause your vehicle to pull strongly to one side.

What To Do

If your vehicle is pulling to one side, the first thing we recommend that you do is to check your air pressure. If one of your tires is low, it can cause your vehicle to pull toward one side. If your tires are all inflated equally, and your vehicle is still pulling to one side, we recommend bringing your vehicle in for inspection.

Shaking Steering Wheel 

It's a strange feeling for your steering wheel to begin to shake while you’re driving. If your steering wheel only shakes when you depress the brakes, it's possible that you may need brake repair services. Oftentimes, when your steering wheel shakes, it's because your rotors have warped from overheating. This can happen during spirited driving, where your brakes get exponentially hot, and in times of emergency braking from high speeds.

If your steering wheel is shaking without the brakes being depressed, your wheel bearings may need to be replaced.

What To Do

A shaking steering wheel almost always indicates that your vehicle needs some type of auto repair service. Schedule an appointment at your earliest convenience and allow our ASE-certified experts to get your vehicle back on the road.

Poor Fuel Economy 

If you notice your vehicle suddenly getting poor gas mileage, this may be a sign that its air-fuel mixture is being thrown off. Factors such as a failed oxygen sensor, old spark plugs, or even a dirty/clogged air filter can cause your vehicle to start burning more fuel.

What To Do

If you notice your vehicle is achieving poor fuel economy, we recommend that you inspect your vehicle's engine air filter. Not to be confused with your cabin air filter, this air filter is responsible for capturing dirt your engine could ingest. If your air filter is clean, and your vehicle is still achieving poor fuel economy, we recommend that you schedule an appointment and discuss these symptoms with our service advisors.

Trust Our Auto Repair Shop To Keep Your Vehicle Performing Well

At Tire Works, auto repair is never stressful. We feature a team of ASE-certified auto mechanics who use quality replacement parts, and we offer competitive and affordable pricing. We even offer service coupons and specials that allow you to save more on your maintenance and repair services. 

Schedule service today and allow our experts to get your vehicle performing its best.

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