Tire Works Car Repair Services: Which Are The Most Common?

Car Repair Service

The purchase of a vehicle represents a major investment for any car owner. Your vehicle is also a complicated piece of machinery that you rely on daily. It’s to your advantage to be aware of the types of repairs that are likely to be needed regularly. That knowledge can then be used to try to prevent as many of them as possible with proper car maintenance and promptly seeking car repair services.

It is important to be dealing with a reputable repair shop, like Tire Works Total Car Care. Over time, records on the maintenance history for your vehicles can be critical in preventing break downs and an on-going working relationship with the service staff built on trust works to your benefit, too.  

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The Most Common Car Repair Services

It should be no surprise that there are some repairs that are common and happen regularly on all cars. Any car repair shop most likely spends dozens of hours a week attending to these issues and many drivers take care of them on their own, too. It’s a sure way to keep that car repair estimate as low as possible for as long as possible!

It’s helpful to know what to expect, so here is the list of the most common car repairs and car maintenance, regardless of what make of car you have:

1. Oil and oil filter change

This service, regularly performed, will benefit your car and its engine more than any other. An oil change is suggested every 3,000 miles for older models and 5,000 for new vehicles. The filter needs to be clear of blockage of any kind, too, to assist with the engine’s cooling. Our technicians will be glad to recommend the oil change schedule that’s best for your particular vehicle.

2. Tire repair and replacement

The tires have direct contact with the road, creating friction and wear. This affects the tires every time you drive and highlights the critical need for good tires. Over time, the wear on a tire affects how your car performs on the road and that wear itself can cause other problems, too. 

3. Wheel alignment, balance, rotation

The wheels on your vehicle must roll straight in the same direction, and be properly balanced to give you the smooth ride you want from your car. When well maintained, these services will also prevent unnecessary tire wear. 

4. AC service and repair

The air conditioning system in today’s cars is a complex interplay of a number of important components. Most do-it-yourself mechanics can no longer work on their car’s AC system. It is best to make an appointment at your local Tire Works for a diagnostic check.

5. Brake repair

The brake rotors, pads, drums, and shoes need to be in top condition if they’re going to stop your vehicle quickly when needed.  Some auto service and repairs on your car or truck can wait, but brake problems need immediate attention. Danger may be ahead for you and your passengers when you begin to hear grinding noises, feel pulling to one side or vibrations, a “soft” brake pedal, or the warning light appears. 

6. Cooling system repair and servicing

Heat is safely transferred from the hot coolant in the radiator to air being blown by the fan. Cars with automatic transmissions route the transmission fluid through an air cooler inside the radiator. Without this system working well, the engine and transmission will overheat. 

Whenever you need car repair service, you can count on the ASE-certified technicians at any Tire Works location to get your vehicle back on the road quickly. Stop by your nearest location or make an appointment for service online. Also be sure to check the coupon page at Tire Works to assist with the cost of maintenance and repairs!



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